Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY- Envelope Clutch

This is simply a revised version of the fold over clutch. I mentioned doing this before (back when I made the first one!) and it has taken me this long to get around to it.
Haha. Typical.
The fabric is awesome. I got it to do a bench for our front room (which I still haven't shared...) and have tons of it. The fabric was being clearanced out, so I bought it all! I got it for like $3/yard. It's a fantastic boldly striped duck cloth. I used extra black duck cloth from MONDAY's tutorial for the lining. The effect is a much sturdier clutch than the fold over I made using a lovely thick plaid. I like both, though. 
This tutorial basically follows the same steps, but let me break it down for you...
(1) Cut it. I used a nice psychology book as a guide for my clutch. Decide how big you want yours to be and then add some room around it for seam allowance. Also, add about 50% on to the top for fold over-age. Cut out 2 pieces of the outside fabric and 2 pieces of the liner. Next, cut ONE set almost in half. 
(2) Hem it. Pin a liner to each of the outside sections. Be sure to pin the right sides together so that when you flip them, they'll be right side out. Sew them up, leaving a 2 inch section open to flip the fabric. Flip the fabric and stitch the opening shut.
(3) Attach it. Place your two pieces together, right sides facing inward. Line up the bottoms, pin and stitch together. Fold them right side out.
(4) Embellish it. Add a button, bow, rosette, brooch, ruffle... whatever you want! You can use a hot glue gun or stitch/tack them on.
Bonus? I used straight pins to show you a few different ways to embellish the clutch, but here's a great idea! You could put a safety pin vertically in the front and then slide different hair accessories on each day. A few of my items (the bow & rosette, for example) are actually clips/barrettes from old blogs (HERE, HERE & HERE). That way, you could use a very standard color palette for the clutch and then accent accordingly. Ta da! 
I really love this clutch and recently bought a skirt that will go very well with it. The skirt is super cute and the FIRST item of clothing I've bought for myself in months. I'd much rather recreate something new from my "to donate" pile. But at $20 it was a good enough deal to justify.
I hope you have a fantastic day! Check back tomorrow for the DIY All Natural Perfume (solid + liquid). Much love and as always, thanks for reading! 

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