Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Inspiration Boards

If you've been to my home, then you've been privy to my excess of cork boards.
I use them for everything! I have one hanging in the hall to organize our bills, another in my closet to display necklaces (and keep them from tangling). There's a third in my craft room which hangs above the lovely craft table featured last week and then the fourth and original... my inspiration board.
I made this board either in high school or just after, making it around 10 years old and it has served me well. It's one of my first creations and I honestly can't tell you where the inspiration came from, it was before people were spray painting old frames and using them to house our corky friends. My inspiration board was generally used for outfits that I liked in magazines and wanted to recreate, but it also pinned quotes, beauty/hair tips... anything that inspired me to style myself. After all, each of us is walking art. What unique message do you want yours to convey?
However, I was at my parents over the weekend and was thinking I needed to share it with you. While I can't give you pictures of how to make it, I can tell you exactly how I made it and break it down really easily. Besides, if a 17 year old girl made this... you can make it, too! It has some great elements that distinguish it from other wall organizing tools and now that DIY is more popular than ever, you'll have an easier time assembling your own.
1 piece of plywood- any size you want. Mine is 36" by 24"
Cork tiles/rolled cork- you can get these at any store. I saw tiles at target the other day. I used four and glued them down, but if you want to create shapes, get the cork roll instead.
Paint- any, really. I think I used spray paint for the wood and acrylic for everything else.
Pegs- wooden pegs of your choice, or else get knobs from some place like Hobby Lobby
Magnetic strips- square-ish and thin, please.
Goop or a hot glue gun
Picture frames- I used the cheap clear plastic ones
Hanging hardware- any way you'd like. 
Before we get into the steps, let me just clarify what's going on here :) It's hard to tell because I have the whole thing filled in... and I even removed some of the "inspiration" before taking pictures! The plywood is entirely black. the cork occupies the left hand side of the plywood. The right hand side has 3 framed pictures in a line and then 3 wooden pegs lined up next to the frames.
(1) Paint it. Paint your plywood, pegs & cork. Any acrylic paint will work. You can go with a straight color or several colors. It may be fun to cut your cork into fun shapes (using an xacto knife) and paint them in different colors than your plywood. If you look at the picture of the jewelry below, you'll see that I painted it in several different colors. You can paint on cork in pretty much any way you'd like.

(2) Organize it. Once everything is dry, lay your pieces out and order them how you'd like.
(3) Glue it. Using hot glue or goop, glue everything in place. If you're using clear plastic frames, then you'll need to break off the stand part. I did it by hand. I didn't get a clean break, but once I put in a picture, you couldn't tell. 

(4) Drill it. Use a drill bit to put in holes for your pegs, add glue and stick the pegs in.
(5) Magnetize it. Glue magnets along the bottom. I didn't paint my cork first, which is why I have a nice brown ring around the magnets :)

(6) Hang it. I used the clear clips... the sort that come with full length mirrors! I ran 1 along the sides and 2 each on the top and bottom. It has stayed in place all these years without an issue.
The fun part about this project is that it's completely customized to you and has so many uses. The one in my craft room is for all of the projects I want to recreate, you can make it inspirational for anything you want to find inspiration in (weddings, home decor, personal goals, etc.). You can also use it for organization, like my jewelry or bill boards. This one is so nice with the added magnets and pegs for hanging. Plus, I'm always looking for more ways to display pictures! 
the jewelry board
the "bill" board

I have a zillion ideas for upgrading my old one... I think I'll make another! Stay tuned.
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Have a beautiful (windy) day- all the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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