Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Maxi Dress Refashion (no sew option)

This is embarrassingly easy.
I have always liked the way maxi dresses look, and I own three. I rarely wear them though because they just don't seem to fit too many occasions. In my book, that's a waste of closet space. The dress I refashioned today is a favorite. I absolutely love the color and I adored the way it hung on a hanger, but I never wore it. The top had a really interesting thing going on which was just too immodest for me. 
I decided that it would make a much better beach cover up than street dress and making the transformation was extremely easy.
This is just one way to modify a maxi dress, but if you read the end, I'll give a few more suggestions.

(1) Measure it. I put the dress on and had John mark out where to cut. You can either count how many inches you want it to fall and measure it off your body or have someone pin it while you're wearing it. My fabric was heavy, so I actually had John pin it below my knee. When I cut it, it fell much higher since the fabric wasn't weighing itself down.
(2) Cut it. Cut a nice, straight and even line. If you have a very stretchy/jersey knit, it would be helpful to have someone hold it tightly while you cut. That will ensure that you don't get a jagged line.

(3) Treat it. I used fray check on mine, which may have been unnecessary since that fabric doesn't even fray. Consider your fabric and decide if you need to fold over and and hem it, fray check it or do nothing at all.
If you're like me and find that maybe you have one too many maxi dresses, or any sort of dress that's an awkward length, this may be for you! I can never have too many cover ups, I like one for every swimsuit! I have plans for the extra fabric, too. It's a gorgeous shade and must be used. Stay tuned for that :)
Don't want a dress at all?? Why not turn it into a tank top. Just cut it *way* shorter. Bonus, you can sew elastic on to the discarded bottom and make a skirt! You can leave the hem intact and have minimal work. 
The sun is really shining! Enjoy your day and as always, thanks for reading!

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