Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY- No Sew Jean Patching

Welcome to a new week! Passion week, to be exact.
This is going to be a super quick, extremely easy post today. It takes absolutely zero skill and only requires some extra fabric (thick, preferably) and a glue gun. I've been trying to focus on less sewing projects and more no-sew refashions lately. Gotta keep it balanced! My sewing and refashioning posts have started to take over 'la vie', so I'll need to throw in some craftiness as well :)  
John has a lot of really great jeans that have become pretty ripped up over the years. He still wants to wear them, but in the winter it can be super cold. Plus, it just looks kind of ratty. 
I finally got around to fixing his jeans this weekend and this is the result. I'd like to do this with a few of my jeans as well, and use a cute fabric along with a more plain fabric like I did with John's.
I used black duck cloth and it worked out really well :)
(1) Cut it. Turn the pants inside out and then cut out pieces of cloth in the necessary size to cover your holes, add some room to glue down.
(2) Glue it. Hot glue around the edges, a little bit at a time. I'm never a fan of hot gluing an entire piece and then attaching it, you don't get as good of a bond. Also, be sure to use fabric glue sticks. I also trimmed off the little strings.
(3) Wear it. All done! It turned out really well. The duck cloth is thick and perfect to go underneath men's denim. For a lady, I would love to use a whimsical fabric. 

The project took about five minutes total. Talk abut easy! It's great for drafty Michigan, as well. I hate to see expensive jeans to go waste, so this was a nice way to remedy the situation. I've got a great week lined up with a new + easy clutch, all natural perfume (solid + liquid) and much more! For those of you who are Spring breaking this week- enjoy! Have a fantastic Monday, and as always, thanks for reading.


  1. This must have been inspired by Other Jordan's pants...

    1. Hmm... must be my favorite bassist! No, *these* were not, but there IS a pair coming soon that I directly ripped off from him :)


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