Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Edition- Early!

Welcome to an early Friday edition! My original post for today still needs to be photographed, and since it's a refashion, I can't take the pictures myself. So, we're making a little switch-er-oo.
I drive a rural road every morning that's full of bizarre farm-related antidotes. For starters, it's residential but it seems like everyone has his or her own mini-farm anyway. Every other yard seems to be fenced in with fowl running around. My favorite is the extremely suburban looking home that chains horses to the trees in their front yard like dogs. It gets me every time. 
So weird.
But there's one little farm that always stands out. Emaciated cows graze along half rotted buildings + cars on blocks in the front yard. Hairless horses lay down while hens and roosters flit about them. It's actually a bit sad. But the hens are hilarious. They're always escaping and running around the 55 mph road that runs alongside their "farm". The fence is just a few feet away from the road, so you can watch the little daredevils jump the fence and then cluck about in a panic. Today was the best moment ever with them... I saw one lone hen ducked down behind a bush in the neighbors yard. She kept poking her head out of the bush and staring down passersby. I *really* wish I had video footage of the ordeal. It was awesome. I would *love* to know what was flying through her sharp little mind. I keep hoping if I watch these hens long enough I'll finally learn why the chicken crossed the road.
It made me think of my other favorite bird-escape moment. John and I were driving across state to visit my family for Thanksgiving and I swear... this is what we saw. We passed a farm and *clear as day* there were 12ish turkeys busting out of the joint! They were running single file, fast as lighting, across the field. I have *never* laughed so hard at poultry in my life. Smart birds. They knew what was coming. No Tom Turkey for THAT farmer's table! I don't know if you've ever seen a pack of turkeys making their way ... but there's always one leader, a general if you will, who runs in the front, head ducked low... pulsing in and out... and he gets to a clearing, checks both ways, gives the signal and leads his troop through to the other side. For real. It's fantastic.
So anyway... those are my bird stories. 
Let's talk recipe! This was kind of a mistake... but it turned out well! It's a Avocado Pesto Pasta. Here's what you need...

Penne (GF if that's your bag)
1 c. sour cream (any sort)
1 package of Knolls Pesto 
1 avocado- diced
1 c. shredded white cheese (provolone, mozzarella, havarti, asiago, whatever you want or a mix)
1 tbs. (GF or otherwise) chicken bouillon 
Salt + pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to the directions. 
Meanwhile, mix together all of the other ingredients. 
Once the pasta is cooked, drain and mix everything together. Yum! 
We also got these GF links from Hillshire Farms. Chicken + apple with gouda cheese. Oh yeah, and they're natural. And delicious. I grilled them together over low-medium heat with apple slices... it was awesome. All I did was slice an apple, throw it in for the last 5 minutes, rotating it halfway through. 
I hope Thursday is treating you well. I just got a new book that is amazing! I'm going to test it out a bit and then maybe buy another one for the May giveaway. Speaking of which, it isn't too late to get in on April's. All you have to do to be eligible for any of our monthly giveaways is 'like' our FACEBOOK PAGE. Auto entry every month, baby. Have a wonderful day, and as always, thanks for reading!

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