Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Edition: New Friday Format!

NEWS! Fridays are changing for la vie.
There are a bunch of new things I want to add to the blog, and Friday just seems like the day. I'll still include a GF recipe at the bottom of the post, but I want to add a little humor. 
Let's face it... I like being funny. I do. So on Fridays you can look forward to an entertaining incident or picture from the week (watch out Michigan- if you do something ridiculous, I *will* photograph it and share it with the masses). I may have to start hanging out in McDonald's more and RECORDING CONVERSATIONS, because personally I found that to be hilarrriiooouuss.
Today- story first! Donna wrote in this week to ask about repurposing some of her canvas luggage. She has a beautiful pink piece that needs some love. We talked about how to restore it to its original color and then how to paint it.
I reminded me of my most entertaining luggage story! So... my hubs bought me a zebra striped luggage set piped in pink when we were dating. I love it. I love it too much to take it to Europe. Everything that goes overseas with me gets destroyed. I'm not sure what exactly happens to luggage when we leave it at baggage check in, but based on its condition when I get it at claim, I'm *pretty* sure they handlers take turns beating it with baseball bats. Suitcase pinatas? I think so. If they break it open, they win the contents- and *that's* where lost luggage comes in.
Anyway, I decided to make my own polka dot luggage to take with me instead.
I remember that my dad was out of town and I was hanging out with my mom when I got the idea. I went into their spare room where all of the luggage was kept and took the pieces I had used for *years* downstairs to start painting.
After a while, my mom looked at me and asked if I had dad's permission.
No, of course not. If you know me (John is shaking his head somewhere...) then you know that I just rush into projects headlong. There isn't really a whole lot of planning or forethought. There's just an idea and then an execution.
So, my mom called my dad and asked. He said I could paint *any* of them except a certain brand. Well... wouldn't you know.... I had permanently polka dotted the exact set he said to leave alone. Yes, dear readers, the most expensive + brand new set in the bunch.
Clearly *not* the set I had been travelling with for years.
However, it's a good suggestion! If you're interesting in making over your luggage, don't worry! I've decided to do a post about it in the near future. AND Donna has said she'll try to take before/after pictures of her vintage luggage makeover, so if she does I'll share hers with you at the same time. 
NEXT: GF Friday... here are a few of my favorite GF recipes floating around Pinterest :)
Sweet Nothing's Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Nigella's Clementine Cake at Gourmet Traveller

Healthy Indulgences red velvet cake

And that's a wrap! Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 

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