Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun With Lace- Part One

Ok, people. 
I'm going to need your help!
This started out as a four piece post to show you four fun ways to use lace (2 clothing/2 glass) ... and then I got stuck. I really like how it's going in the clothing department, but I can't make up my mind about how far to take this whole lace issue, so hopefully you will weigh in and help me decide! 
First, let's talk about the item of clothing that I *did* finish. The first fun way to use lace is as an emblem. The great thing about lace is that it doesn't fray horribly (though you should treat the ends with Fray Check) so you can cut it into fun shapes. I've already done that for other posts (usually about hair), but let's apply the same principal on clothing. The shirt I used came from London. I bought two at Top Shop (one for me and one for my BFF) and was really excited about it. However, I've only ended up wearing the shirt a few times. It fits really bubbly and funny because of the banding on the bottom. Today... I cut it off. SUCH an improvement! 
(1) Cut it. Cut your lace into the desired shape. I used a heart, but you can make it whatever you want using free hand or stencils. Treat the ends with Fray Check.
(2) Place it. I was torn between putting the lace emblem on the side of the sleeve or the front. In the end I went with front, but only because I have a better shirt to emblazon the sleeve of. I really like the idea of patching a sleeve on the side, it's very military inspired... but making it out of lace adds a fun, girly and unexpected twist.

(3) Glue it. Simply use fabric hot glue to glue the emblem down! A shot of glue in the middle and along the edges is all you'll need.

Now this is where YOU come in. The second piece is an old trench coat of mine. I love trench coats because they're so classic- I've had this one for TEN years and it's never gone out of style. I probably own 5 or 6 at least. The only issue with this trench is that because I've had it for so long, the lapels are a bit stained and definitely showing signs of wear. I decided to cover them in lace. SO stinking cute. What I can't decide is whether I should do the second lapel or leave it alone. And if I do cover the second lapel, should I also cover the collar? What do YOU think?? Weigh in and I'll post the project tomorrow. 
(1) Cut it. Cut lace out in the approximate shape.

(2) Glue it. Using fabric hot glue, glue the lace down over the lapel. Glue along the edges and go in stages so that the glue doesn't dry before you get to it. This will give you the best hold. If you have a sewing machine, it's a better option to pin the lace in place and run it through a sewing machine, and then trim it. 
(3) Trim it. Trim it down to the perfect shape. I left an edge of lapel around my lace. It was necessary so that the lace didn't bend/do weird things while being worn. It lays more naturally on a flat surface than a curved one.
Whenever gluing lace, I always recommend using a thimble to push the hot glue into the lace, that will prevent your fingers from glue burns :)

here's where the coat is at right now. I took another picture of the trench with some lace on it so you can get an idea about the collar and second lapel. Currently I'm leaning toward doing the second lapel, but not the collar. Thoughts? That's all I will post for today. Tomorrow will be the second part and you'll see how the trench was finalized as well as a few fun ways to use lace with glass. I have a date with the cutest boy on the planet, so I'm going to sign out for now. Don't forget to share your opinion about the trench through facebook, or in the comment section. Thanks!

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