Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun With Lace- Part Two: Trench + Jar

Welcome to your second installment of Fun with Lace! I'm 2/3rds through the trench project that we started yesterday and wanted to show you the progress. Now both lapels are lac-i-fied, and next I'll be adding lace to the collar... unless you people vote it down. Currently it seems like a good idea! SO, leave it alone or add the collar?
John and I went to see The Hunger Games last night. Yes. I realize we're several weeks behind the rest of society, but to be honest it seemed a little too tense for me. I'm a super wimpy girl and I still have nightmares. John *really* wanted to see it though and there's a fabulous $2 theater not too far from us. Such a great deal. One awesome movie per week- but only $2 to see it. And of course, it's a nice family owned place. Gotta show love to local businesses. Anyway, the movie wasn't as terrifying as I thought it would be, though I did have my eyes closed for basically all scenes taking place in the arena. It's late at night now (I always blog in advance) so I'll have to update you on the nightmare factor- but I think we're good!)
I honestly thought it would inspire a slew of blogs, but unfortunately, it didn't. I really liked the movie, it just didn't speak to my creative side. 
If you're wondering what I'm holding in these pictures, let me tell you! It's kind of a confession.
I *love* black licorice. I'm holding a gimball's bag of black licorice- and the best part is that the licorice is shaped like little scotty dogs.
Not gonna lie... so stinking cute. I prefer Australian black licorice, but when the product is that cute- I can't say no. Let me show you another lace project I worked on yesterday. This is hilariously easy and requires nearly no effort at all. I feel like a lot of my blogs fall into that category, but I really like to do easy things... so... hopefully you do, too! After our wedding, we were left with a ridiculous amount of glass jars from the candy bar. I wanted to keep and reuse all of them, which we generally have. I love all of my cake stands, platters and display jars and have found homes for everything. One jar is wonderful and sits nicely on a little side table in our living room. We fill it with different things throughout the year, but it needed a little love. That's where yesterday's lace came in.

(1) Clean it. Clean your jar so that it's shiny and pretty.
(2) Cut it. Cut your lace to size. I kept the scalloped edge in tact  since it was so pretty and cut the bottom/sides to fit into the jar.
(3) Place it. I literally just placed it in the jar and it held it's shape. If you're worried, you can hot glue the edges together before putting it in your jar.
(4) Fill it. This is optional. It looked so pretty empty that I nearly left it that way. I may end up taking the filling out in the end. 
Tomorrow will be the last blog about lace for a while, though I still have tons of lace left to use up. I'll be doing something realllyyy fun with the lace, perfect for dinner parties or a special occasion. You won't want to miss it! I'll also show the finalized trench (if you all vote on adding a collar). If you haven't noticed, the Friday edition has changed a bit. I'm still including a GF recipe, but the format includes much more now so that all readers can enjoy!


  1. I say, leave that collar alone! I love the lace on the lapel, I also really liked the one sided lapel as well. :)
    Found you through pinterest!

    1. Thanks so much for weighing in! I'll take your advice :) I hope you visit again soon!

  2. Me encanta!


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