Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ikea Sewing Table Refashion

This is such an easy + cheap project. Basically my favorite kind.
I've been needing a sewing desk for quite some time. The craft table I made is awesome, and I love it... but it isn't good for sewing. It's really tall so that I can stand at it, and who wants to stand and sew? Not me.
So, I've been looking at thrift stores, antique shops + garage sales forever trying to find a nice sewing desk to no avail. I love repurposing furniture, but you can't always make an item appear out of thin air. I finally broke down and got this table at Ikea a few weekends ago ($19.99). I love Ikea, but the table was quite utilitarian, which is great in some rooms but it didn't work for me. I wanted to personalize it, so I used an Ikea method and covered the whole thing (legs and all!) with fabric. 
I love how it turned out, it looks so beautiful and cozy in the room instead of cold + standard. Ready for the steps?
(1) Assemble it. I won't elaborate because the instructions are easy. I will say that if you use the Ikea table, a drill is helpful. They suggest a screw driver. Yeah right.
(2) Staple it. I love this fabric. I got it as a remnant on sale and only paid $3 for it! First of all, iron your fabric. No matter how well you staple it, wrinkles will show. Next, lay it with the pattern against your floor + place your table top on it. Start with the long edges and staple gun them one at a time to the table (staples about 2 inches apart). After you finish the first edge, pull VERY TIGHTLY as you staple the second edge. Then do the sides of the table next. Wrap the edges like a present (see photos) to get a clean edge. Remember to pull tightly as you do the opposite side. After you've finished, you may need to go through and add staples anywhere that the fabric seems loose or is hanging own. 
(3) Wrap it. The strips I used for the legs were also remnant and cost $1.50. There are a few ways to do this. For the first, cut a *really* long strip of fabric (about 2 inches wide, around 2 yards long, depending on leg length). Knot it at the top and wrap down to the bottom. At the bottom, cut another piece of fabric, tie around and knot. OR, you can cut 2 different pieces of fabric, one yard each. Knot them together and, putting that center knot at the top, wrap the pieces back and forth til you get to the bottom and knot them. That will give you some visual interest. Trim the ends at the bottom.
(4) Display it. Ta da! Wasn't that an easy way to make something more personal? I especially like that this is fabric covered since it's a sewing table. Vive textiles!
Again, the table came from Ikea. The pieces are separate... the legs are $3 each and the table top was $5.99 ... seriously. You can do so much with those table tops, and they're so cheap!
I hope you're having a brilliant week so far! I'm working on some fun refashions as well as a few crafts. If you ever have a request, don't hesitate to let me know! Wishing you all the best, and as always thanks for reading!


  1. Very cute idea! I am looking for a sewing table as well so I will def have to give that a try! :)

    1. Thank you! Here's to fun furniture :)

  2. which Ikea table was it that you re-purposed?


    1. Wow- that may be the first time i've forgotten to share the link! Sorry about that. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50071170/
      The table legs are purchased separately and there's a big variety. I just chose the silver ones.


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