Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maxi Refashion 2: Braided Scarf Revised

This is the product of two different posts.
The first was a DIY BRAIDED scarf that I did a while back based on a German scarf. I had planned even then to do another one that was more consistent with the inspiration, and should have done it before now, but needed the MAXI REFASHION completed before I could get to it. 
This is an extremely easy project and really a great scarf for spring. There are two ways you can go about it. You can use extra fabric from a dress/skirt OR you can just purchase some jersey material at the store. You'll need a piece that's about 50-55" (depending on your head/neck width) and 24" long.

(1) Cut it. You need to start with 4 strips. The first is the base of the scarf and needs to be about 50" by 8 inches. The next three are for braiding and can vary in widths. I suggest using three different widths (slim, medium, thick) to make your braids more interesting. Your strips for braiding should be longer than the base (a minimum of 5 inches longer) to accommodate for the length lost after they're braided.
(2) Braid it. Cut each braid section into three pieces. Tie a loose knot on the end, stick between your feet and braid. Tie another loose knot and repeat til all three strips have been converted to braids.
(3) Attach it. Undo the knots (one at a time) and pin the edges of the braids to the edges of the base strip. If you're using a circular piece, you'll need to cut it on the hem to do this. Repeat for the other side.
(4) Sew it. Sew each of the braids on to the base piece. Then fold the scarf in half (hamburger style) and cut off the edges, evening it out. Pin it together with the braided part (or right side) facing in. Sew it again, reinforcing the sides.

(5) Wear it. Flip it right side out again and wear! I like it looped twice. If you make it long enough, you can loop it three times :) 

I always use white thread for my tutorials so that the reader can easily see what's happening, but remember to use a matching thread. 
Just a quick little post for today, I hope life is treating you well! As always, thanks for reading. 

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