Friday, April 27, 2012

Polyvore Refashion, baby!

love it all.I saw this awesome outfit floating through pinterest from polyvore (Polyvore- click here )and had to have it. It was pretty exciting because I owned about everything needed to complete it (except for the Louboutins... sigh). The one issue I had was with the tank. While I own several striped tanks (remember, I secretly believe I'm French...), they're too tight and not flowy like the picture. I knew that was fixable, though, and so that's what our blog focuses on today!
I've owned this tank top *forever* (see pictures below). I got it from Target for around $10 a zillion years ago and it has had awesome staying power. First of all, it's a crumpled material which I love- that means I don't have to iron. The sloppiness is intentional. See? Second of all, it's striped (see French obsession above...) and thirdly, it goes with so much!
Arriving after my flight + train ride during a visit to my second family in Germany...  LOVE YOU, BRAUNS!
angst-filled, pre-marriage, early twenties FB photo.  
This little update only improved the greatness! I actually prefer a little flow on my clothing, anyway. Except in the thigh area. Always make sure your pants fit well in the thighs... you'll look much more trim.
There was a cute knockoff going around the internet of a Valentino shirt that added a little triangular panel in back. I didn't actually read the blog, but it was featured on one of my favorite blogger's pages. This is kind of the same idea. My inspiration actually came from the adorable strawberry-themed shirt of a 5 year old (thanks, Genny!) that I intend to recreate for la vie some day soon. But- this is the same idea... 
(1) Cut it. I cut out a triangular shape from an old t-shirt so that I wouldn't have to make a hem. I'm that lazy. I also made sure it was a wrinkler to match the tank. Think about how much flow you want to add + where you want it to start. How much you want to add is the width of your triangle and where you want the flow to start determines the length. I made mine hit about mid back. If I did it again, I'd add more width. Next, cut a straight line up the back of your shirt in the same length as your triangle. (again, if I did it again, I'd make two triangles and add them to the sides instead.)
(2) Pin it. Turn your shirt inside out and pin your triangle into the opening, make sure the hem of your triangle is facing the right side. 
(3) Sew it. Sew up each side, taking extra backwards stitches at the top where the tip is. 
(4) Wear it. I chose to accessorize with gold instead of red. But I think the look is pretty similar to the polyvore version... though I'd realllyyyy love some Louboutins.
I'm thinking I may devote one day each week to refashioning something from polyvore or pinterest. What do you think? You could submit pictures and I can find a way to copy it for the greater good. Weigh in on FACEBOOK, or in the comment section below. 
That's all for this week! I hope your weekend treats you well. All the best and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Very cute (and resourceful)! Whenever I see an outfit I tend to fixate on how the items I have that are similar are just not quite right... and then get frustrated. This is a good solution - to DO something about it and change what you have.

    1. I agree, Amy! Why buy it when you can tweak it ;)

    2. If you made the V you cut out a little wider, girls could do this to make cheap maternity tops! Although I know most wear them pretty tight now days.

    3. Very true! One in each side seam works really well for Maternity, too :)

  2. Ah yes... Christian Louboutin shoes... Tell John to make it happen. This would be a good thing. <--- Jesse

    1. I can always count on you to back me up in the shoe dept :)


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