Monday, April 30, 2012

(Refashion) Shortening a Low Cut Tank

Listen, I'm all about layering... but sometimes I don't want to layer my layers. That's where I was at with this tank top- and a lot of tanks I own. I have a short shoulder base, making the straps on my tank tops often too long for my frame. 
Ever experience that?
Look how low this bad boy was- Good grief! I'm trying to figure out what giantess it was made for, still. Thankfully, I finally got around to fixing it this weekend. I tried a new strategy (buttons) that worked out pretty well. There's a classic (read: easy) way to do it as well, which I can tell you how to do. 
For the button version...
(1) Cut it. Toward the front cut the straps evenly on both sides.
(2) Hem it. Flip your shirt inside out & line it up (in this case, that involved folding corners in) so that the fabric you're sewing together is the same width. Pin. Stitch. Trim off the excess fabric.
(3) Button it. Lastly, sew your buttons on. If you really hate sewing buttons, you can hot glue it (though you'll probably have to reattach the buttons at some point). If you're going with the latter, be sure to put the glue around the rim so that it doesn't come through the button holes.
Done! For the classic version, just hem in along the seam that sits right on top of your shoulders. 
 I hope your weekend was relaxing. I can't believe how quickly they go by! Ours was extremely full. We went to visit my parents Saturday + Sunday. The church my late grandfather planted celebrated 50 years of ministry with a grand re-opening. It was a pretty awesome day. On the way there we saw our *favorite* thing... lambies! I love them. 
They're sooooo cute! We stopped on the side of the road to snap a few pictures. Some day we're going to work up the courage to ask the farmers if we can play with them.
It goes like this...
Us: well, hello Farmers! We'd like to buy some fresh eggs, please.
Farmers: How many would you like?
Us: Just a dozen please... why, what is that I see? Are those... lambies?!
Farmers: Yes, we have them every year.
Us: You don't say? Would you by chance need help feeding the little lambie pies?
Farmers: Well... there are several.
Us: Hm. We happen to have 13 bottles of fresh, lambie approved milk in our car right now.
Farmers: Wow! That is the exact number of lambs we have!
Us: What a coincidence...
Some day.
PS, on Sunday my dance company performed for a local retirement center. Our director's great-grandma lives there. It was a super fun time and I LOVED seeing all of the little people dressed up in their costumes. I'll do a full ballet report after our recital in May, but for now here's  picture of us (minus our sweet Amy) and a close up of my HAIR FLOWER. I blogged about making these for the girls several weeks ago.
I have TONS of refashions, crafts, restorations and more lined up for this week... so stay tuned! Also, today is the last day of the April giveaway. That means it's time to draw a winner + start a May contest. What should la vie give away in May? All the best and thanks for reading! 


  1. my name is on your blog!! this is so exciting! :)


    1. Your FACE would have been on the blog if you weren't in Georgia! I'm *still* bummed that you weren't in our pictures :( :( but i LOVE you!

  2. what if you have a tank top that has too long of straps (like in your pictures).......but when you shorten it the tanktop ends up digging into your would you fix that?

    1. the easiest thing to do is add a panel in front between the two straps, so that you raise the neckline. You could also cut the arm holes to be a little deeper as well, treat with fray check or hem :) <3

    2. ok thank you!


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