Monday, April 9, 2012

A Very 'la vie' Easter

I hope you had the most blessed Easter of your life so far! Ours was awesome. I really had a glimpse of how blessed my life is. I laid in bed last night, after a *very* full and fun weekend thinking of how great everything is. Perfect? No. But I have so much in life to be thankful for, not the least of which is my wonderful family (immediate and extended!). They're really just the best on the planet. It's such a nice stage of life, too. We're grown, but not too grown. My nieces are at a wonderful age. I wish I could just hit "pause" on life and stay here forever.
Unfortunately, that's not possible. So I just need to savor every moment of this stage of life before it passes me by. Each stage has its good parts, though.
I thought I'd share a few creative wonders from our Easter this year. In the commotion of packing to go to my parents, I forgot my camera :/ SO bummed. That means I can't show you *everything*, but I can show you some things.
Let's start with my favorite: This incredible Easter basket from my mom. Isn't this amazing? Of course, she sewed it herself. I'm not sure if she used a pattern or not, I know she didn't use one for the basket she gave my eldest niece. You should have seen that thing, it unfolded into like 30 different parts and there were little pockets everywhere! Let's talk about what made MINE so cool. What you can't tell is that this is actually a grocery tote. It has little places to stash my money and was made to match my bicycle, which I love to take into town. Our area is very small and the bike ride to the closest grocery store is only about 5 minutes. The best part of the whole bag? She put a thermal lining inside of it so that my warms stay warm and my cools stay cool! Isn't that way better than any reusable tote bag in the checkout line? It sure is! Maybe we can get her to do a tutorial for us in the future.
Second favorite? Resurrection rolls. These things make me drool. I didn't get a picture of my moms (no camera) so I used one from the Kneady Sweetie tutorial at THIS LINK. Honestly, go make them. My mom has made them every year for as long as I can remember and this year she made them gluten free for me :) yay, mom! I didn't have to miss out on my favorite Easter treat. The idea behind the rolls is that you stuff them with marshmallows before baking. The marshmallow bakes into the roll and when you break it open, it's a hollow center. It represents the empty tomb.
Third favorite: OUR basket. I know, for someone who writes a DIY blog, our basket was painfully boring. Especially compared to my mom's creation! However, it was an insanely busy week last week and I didn't get the time to really devote to the basket this year. John and I always share a basket, too. I pick everything out and put it together and then hide it for him to find. Then we split the spoils! It was a *very* reeses themed basket this year, as my husband can't get enough peanut buttery goodness. He told me this morning that he was going to turn into a peanut butter ball as he left for work. He ate reeses puffs for breakfast and then packed a lunch complete with 2 peanut butter sandwiches, a few reeses eggs & peanut butter crackers. That's my boy!

Fourth favorite: this team- Slap Happy Comedy came and did an improv comedy show this weekend and chose John & I for part of the routine. They interviewed us about our relationship + personalities and then reenacted our meeting, first date & proposal. It was HILARIOUS! Joe, on the right, played John and Erik on the left played ME (complete with ballet moves + extreme feisty attitude). Basically, their version of events was *much* more entertaining than ours. Highly recommend them if you have any comedic needs!

We had a really refreshing time celebrating Jesus this weekend. I do hope your weekend was inspiring as well. The only downer to Easter this year was finishing our taxes. Ugh. We put them off and put them off all weekend until we ended up doing them Sunday night until wayyy past our  bed time. I'll tell you what- NOT my favorite part of the year! However, they are DONE and I'm mailing them off today. Now it's time to get creative! I have lots in store for this week and it's time to create it all. Have a marvelous Monday! I wish you *all* the best and as always, thanks for reading!

'la vie' THIS WEEK!
Tues: DIY Craft table
Wed: DIY Beach Cover Up (2)
Thurs: DIY Ombre Striped Curtains

*Yet the hands that cradle the stars... are the hands that bled for me*

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  1. Aundrea, I have a pink(pepto bismo pink) suitcase, which turned dirty after the first airport visit. I want to either paint it or cover it somehow any ideas? It would need to withstand another trip at the airport luggage and how well they handle our luggage :) Thanks Donna Lorusso


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