Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adding Space, Part 1: DIY Linen Closet

This post is going to be crazy short.
I started a section just for apartment dwelling and it needs some attention, so my goal is to beef it up this month. The idea is that apartments pose three main challenges that I want to help eliminate... 
(a) Small spaces
(b) A cookie cutter feel
(c) Restrictions for decor (painting, flooring, wall holes)
Whether or not you have an apartment, though, I still want the posts to be applicable. Today we're going to talk about a linen closet.
I liked our apartment when we first came to see it. It was very clean and very white. A nice blank canvas... I should actually tell you about our apartment hunting experience some day. It was really entertaining since John had lived in apartments since he was 18 and I had never lived in one. Our expectations were really different... ok, another day :)
Anyway, I instantly saw there was a massive issue: no linen closet.
Whatever, people.
When I lived with my parents the linen closet was in my bathroom. I was fully aware of how necessary that bad boy was for me. 
I did however see a coat closet across from the spare bathroom and asked the manager if she'd convert it. She said she would.
She didn't.
SO, I decided to do it myself and it was really easy. I can't show you step by step pictures but it's pretty easy and you can always ask questions!
 (1) Get it. Go to home depot and get this shelving. Decide how many shelves you need (we have one for sheets, one for blankets and one for towels. The bottom of the closet houses our luggage and spare chairs). Pre-measure how wide it needs to be for your closet and ask them to cut it down while you're there.
(2) Mark it. Mark off where each shelf needs to be and secure the brackets in place. One for each corner, please, totaling 4 for each shelf. Here's a link to these brackets as well...

(3) Lay it. Lay your shelving in and clip it in place!

You're probably wondering what happened to all of our coats. Don't worry. I'll explain that one tomorrow :) Ps- if you can't drill holes, ClosetMaid sells shelving units that you can just stick right in your closet! Ikea sells a shelf for $19.99 that's wire and would be perfect for this as well. 

Have a great day, everyone! As always, thanks for reading! 

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