Monday, May 14, 2012

Adding Space, Part 2: DIY Apartment Mudroom (1)

Last week I posted about how I turned the coat closet in our tiny apartment into a linen closet. The next day I was supposed to blog about what we did with all of our coats... and that quickly turned into a DIY apartment mudroom. I put it on hold so that I could finish writing the tutorials, last week was too insane for any changes... and it's ready today! This post is about the left side of our door and tomorrow you'll see the right side. 
John and I have a lot of coats. And by "John and I" ... I mean "I" ... over 20. Most of which are trenches, if we're being totally honest, but a lot of them are related to winter because we live in Michigan where it's frigid. Since you can't hear my tone as I type... that last sentence was intended to be full of disdain.
We decided to store the coats two ways. The out of season coats are in the spare closet located in our muse room and the in-season go on our coat rack by the door.
We bought this coat rack at IKEA for $29.99. If you haven't figured it out yet, it seems like everything in our home was either upcycled or came from IKEA...
PORTIS Hat and coat stand IKEA
It's FULL of storage for coats as well as hats, scarves, totes and umbrellas. I'd be ashamed to tell you how much has been piled on that baby at once. I'm kind of thinking some of our coats are going to find their way to goodwill after this post.
Coats? solved.
The other item (and the DIY) is a paperwork organizer. It's awesome for incoming and outgoing mail as well as sorting. Once I open the mail I can either throw it away or place it in a slot to be filed (this is also where I quickly dump receipts from my purse and other important things for later storage) or it can go in a "to do" section.
I bought this little guy a few weeks ago while hanging out with my friend, Brittani. I brought it home and quickly realized it's super DIY-able. Too late now. I'll tell YOU how though. It really is AWESOME for storing everything that previously got piled on top of our dining room table in a massive, imposing and very intimidating heap. The best part is, when it's organized like that I can actually SEE the paperwork that needs to be filed, completed or sent away. It's encouraging me to do things in a timely manner, because 'the heap' isn't swallowing my projects into a black hole never to be seen again. 
If you want to make your own ...
(1) Bookshelf it. Either convert an old little one or buy one second hand.
(2) Enclose it. Get some wood boards (as long as the space in your shelf and about 6 inches tall) & paint them to match your shelf. Use wood glue to attach them into the shelving, putting them flush against the bottoms of the shelves.
(3) Detail it. Add little labels for your shelving, you can get these at any craft store or make your own. Use modpodge to attach them if you make your own. 
So obviously this is a part one. Tomorrow I'll show you the OTHER side of the door, for a complete picture of the apartment mudroom. 
I had an awesome weekend, fulfilling a life-long dream of mine. I'll blog about it later this week. I hope yours was splendid as well! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Michigan winter isn't that bad! Especially when we get to enjoy the beautiful summer that comes after it :) But I do know what you mean about having TOO many coats to know what to do with - I like your solution!

    1. Personally, it's the spring and fall that make Michigan bearable for me :) But the summer isn't bad either! And if every winter was like the one we just had, I could stick around a lot longer ;) the second part of the mudroom goes up TODAY so be sure to check it out! Thanks so much for reading and weighing in, Alissa! I love hearing from other Michigan-survivors :)


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