Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adding Space, Part 3: DIY Mudroom (2)

I first mentioned doing this post LAST AUGUST, but until now have never blogged it. To be honest, the bench didn't turn out the way I wanted it to in my head... though I still really like it. So, I'm including it as *part* of a larger picture.
This is the second installment for the DIY mudroom. I live in Michigan where it is cold, rainy, mucky, snowy & swampy. It would be awesome to have a mudroom, but I live in an apartment and it just isn't a possibility. So, I've kind of made my own.
I wanted it to be a few different things...

a) easy- I don't have the attention span for long projects
b) pretty- It's really on display, so it has to look nice
c) compact- There isn't much precious space to work with
d) functional- A lack of space means it must be efficient or be replaced!

This little mudroom really fits the criteria. It's perfect for a little apartment or smaller home that can't include a mudroom. I'd love to expand on it as time goes by, and maybe I will, but for now here it is. And I'll give you two DIY's in today's post in addition to the LITTLE ORGANIZER from Monday.
First up is the mirror. I absolutely love this pub mirror. We registered for it, and when we didn't get it, it was the very first thing we bought! The ledge is great for sunglasses or anything that I need to grab on the way out. The hooks house our keys as well as hair accessories (so I can get a pony tail holder as I rush out the door!). It has been SO helpful for us! It could so easily be made into a DIY. 
Simply purchase a ledge from a craft or home improvement store. 
Paint it in your decor.
Then add some hooks on to the bottom (can be purchased at a craft or home improvement store, again). 
Lastly, get a mirror that matches and attach it to the wall right 'on top' of the ledge. OR you could follow my DIY INSPIRATION BOARD blog, which is similar but with an organizational board instead of a mirror. It actually may be even more practical for you!
Next is the little bench. There are tons of tutorials on the web for building benches. I used the extra wood from my DIY CRAFT TABLE to create the seat. I actually used wood glue to double the width by stacking two shelves together. I considered adding padding, but decided it wasn't worth the extra expense. I bought Waddalls legs + mounting kits to finish the bottom and used my FABRIC FURNITURE post to cover the seat in the striped upholstery. For the record, Waddall's legs + mounting kits are about twice as expensive now as they were a few months ago. 
The bench is pretty and it also is a nice place to sit when putting on those Michigan boots. I also like it because we can store our current shoes underneath it and it looks more 'put together' than if we just set them against the wall. If you're wondering around the rest of my shoes, they're hanging out in our bedroom. I have shelving + spinner racks to contain them, since there are literally hundreds of pairs.
I have issues.
P.S.- see that gorgeous Azalea tree? My sweet, sweet husband got me that for my BALLET PERFORMANCE last weekend instead of a bouquet. 
It reminds us our of favorite trip together to South Carolina. We visited a beautiful plantation that was covered in Azalea bushes. I absolutely love having it in our home as a reminder. 
Wish me luck! That little bugger comes with TONS of care instructions and my thumbs are not as green as I'd like them to be. 
That completes the total picture of our little mudroom! I hope it helps you get a little more organized in your small space. I need a pot for that tree. Random, I know, but as I type this sentence it's literally *all* I can see. 
I hope you have a  fantastic day! I wish you all the best, as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. That's a great idea!! and they look so neat!

  2. You did a really great job. This idea is perfect for my apt.


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