Friday, May 25, 2012

Coming of Age: A Birthday Post

Happy birthday to me! Want to hear something funny? I thought I was turning a year older than I am. John had to tell me how old I *really* am. Oops?
In honor of my birthday, I have a little present for YOU! A story... a rather embarrassing story for everyone involved. Warning: Not appropriate for younger readers... so don't read it!
Ok, here's the thing. When I was little, my brother and I were hamster killers. Seriously. We went through them like candy! I'm talking 13 or 14 of those buggers. It was a sad, sad history. Some day I'll blog about how they all met their demise (the majority committed suicide. You may be laughing now, but wait til you read about it... it was bizarre). For today, I'm going to tell you a tale about one of my two favorite hamsters.
I bought queen as an eight or nine year old girl. I loved her. She was a teddy bear hamster, which if you haven't seen, is a very fluffy variety. She was a nice light tan color. She was my buddy.
One day, Queen started developing two tumors... it was horrible. I was completely distraught and in tears over this poor, sweet hamster who was now getting tumors. I cried constantly. I begged my mom with all of my strength to take Queen to the vet for an operation.
Poor mom. What do you do, mothers, when your little person is in dismay ... but wants a zillion dollar operation for a $5 hamster?!
You come up with a compromise. She told me that we should take Queen to the pet store to have her evaluated. I wasn't thrilled, but it was a start. We packed her up and took her.
When we got there, I produced my fluffly little Queen with tear-filled eyes and asked the store clerk what could possibly be done. Maybe you're already ahead of me and know what happened next...
That day, my dear readers, I learned that 'Queen' was simply a 'King' and, how do I put this gently, *He* was *ahem* 'coming of age'.
My friends, that is how I learned about the Birds and the Bees.
I'm off to celebrate my birthday with my dear, dear family + sweet husband. It was always weird having a birthday so close to Memorial Day. Parties were hard to schedule, the weekend before was reserved for my brother who has a birthday 3 days before mine. And so many people were out of town for Memorial Day. Very sad for a little girl. But now I kind of love it... I always get a 3 day weekend to celebrate in style! Have a great day everyone, stay safe and remember that the reason we celebrate (and get a day off!) is to remember the wonderful men and women who died to give us FREEDOM! Thinking of my family members + friends who have served. You are my heroes.
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm glad your hamster didn't have tumors :)

  2. Have a great birthday Aundrea! The story is hilarious. My sister and I were guinea pig killers.... :/ Sadly I can relate.

    1. Thanks, Mel! Pig Killers?! I know right now my brother is secretly wishing he had grown up with you. Endless supply of bacon ;) <3 <3

    2. Well actually, guinea pigs are just bigger than hamsters and come from the same 'rodent' family. ;) lol. But we DID have some pigs too. And yes, it was a mans bacon paradise. What is it with men and bacon anyway?

    3. Oh my goodness! I completely missed the "guinea" part, haha! I'm glad you did have pigs, though, it redeems my comment just a little bit ;)

  3. What a sweet story. Love the Queen was actually a King. (like you are now) I had a hamster (Uncle Sam) that committed suicide, too. I thought I was unique in that.

    1. Definitely unique! unless more people come forward with tales of suicidal rodents, we may be the only two ;)


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