Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Beach Wrap- High Back (STREET READY!)

Here you go! This one is for all of my super-amazing Facebook followers who have been asking for a high-back version.
I'm not going to lie- this took more effort. But if you want to skimp, I'll give you some cheats. It's really stinking cute, though, so it's worth it to put some extra time in (vs. the 20 minute version).

You'll need...
a) Knit jersey fabric. I used .85 yards (a remnant for $4.30, holla!) but you will need more or less depending on your weight. You'll want the fabric to wrap around your body 1.5 times with maybe some extra. If I did it again, I would make it tighter. This version can't be as loose as the other since it doesn't have the weight of the backless draping to help give it shape.
b) Sewing machine/needle and thread/fray check/hem tape, depending on what level of "finish" you're looking for.
c) Matching thread
d) Extra fabric for the straps
e) Buttons
f) Scissors

(1) Cut it. Cut your fabric to the length + width you'd like (plus allowance for a hem, if you're going to add one in). It's always best to start with too much, once you wrap it around you can decide if there's too much fabric on the width or if you need to trim the bottom. When you wrap it, look at yourself in the mirror. Hold each end up to the opposite shoulder and take note of how it hangs. Make it right for YOUR body, looser or tighter (by adding or subtracting fabric) as needed. When I do it again, I want it a little tighter.

(2) Hem it. Optional. With jersey it isn't exactly necessary since knits don't fray. I hemmed the top of mine and I think I'll hem the bottom as well. Sides are treated with fray check to be sure. If you want more info on hemming, CLICK HERE.
(3) Measure it. Here's where the straps come in. I made mine out of the same fabric, but in a yellow color. Kind of like a strawberry lemonade theme. You have the option of doing the same thing I did (machine required) OR using the braided straps from THE ORIGINAL POST. Either way, wrap the cover up around you, hold the ends in front tightly. With a tank top on underneath, have a friend mark with a pin where straps should be. Wearing a tank top makes this easy, you can follow exactly where the tank top straps are. Then, hold a measuring tape (easier if a friend can do this, too) from pin to pin to get your strap measurement. Make sure to add on 1/2-1 inch extra for seam allowance.
(4) Strap it. Make your straps. If you're using the braided ones, you can skip this. I measured out 17 inches of fabric, 2 inches wide. Fold in half (pattern side in, if they're patterned) and pin. Stitch down the sides. Flip them right side out, put the original stitch in the center and run them through the machine two times each to make a nice seam on each side of the strap. The side with the center stitch is the back, the side with 2 stitches is the front. Attach them with pins to where they go (where your 4 pins were). Slip it on (carefully!) to make sure you like the placement and they aren't too low or too high. Run them through a machine or hand stitch to attach.  **you could also cut straps off of an old item of clothing or use some seriously thick/substantial ribbon**
(5) Button it. Next, slip the wrap on and mark off where your buttons should be, which is about 1-2 inches shy of the shoulder. If you're using braided straps, this will be more tricky. The buttons may not attach so solidly to braided straps. If some brave soul wants to try it, please let me know! Alternately, those with braided straps can use a much shorter strap and attach the buttons AT THE BASE of the strap, right where it meets the actual cover up. Next, cut a little, teeny, tiny hole in the upper corner of each side of your wrap. This is to slide over the buttons. Remember that jersey stretches, so make that hole SMALL (mine was about the size of a hole punch)! You can either  treat the button hole with fray check or make a loop stitch all around it to secure. 
(6) Angle it. Cut an angle into your wrap. Use a yard stick if you're super picky and angle it from the TOP to the BOTTOM so that it's wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom. Your angle should start about an inch below your button hole and travel all the way down to the bottom of your wrap. If you cut it about 6-8 inches in, that's a great angle. When you wear it, the angled side will go in front.
(7) Wrap it. slip it on, attach the un-angled side to the opposite shoulder, make sure the fabric is wrapping around your side for better coverage. Then attach the angled side to the opposite shoulder and attach. Done! Optional, add a belt to take it from the poolside to lunch! So cute! 
Like I said before, it's a little too loose on me. I'd like to do it again and make it tighter. I did buy some of the same fabric in a really cool pool color. It's gorgeous. Actually- maybe I'll make it again and give it away for the June give away... what do you think of that?! As always, I give away something for free to one facebook follower every month. To be automatically entered, just head over there and "like" it :)
I have a fun peek at my weekend coming tomorrow. It's full of really awesome (FOUR!) DIY natural chocolate beauty products. Maybe I'll stretch it out and do a mini-chocolate series. Friday is my birthday, and I do plan to post.. so be on the look out! Have a great day everyone and as always, thanks for reading!
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  1. Very cute beachwear! Found you via stacy sews

    1. awesome! Thanks so much for leaving love! <3

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    1. Yes- definitely! and thank you! We should be bloggy friends.

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  4. Saw your 20 minute version on pinterest and fell in love. I can't wait for the fabric store to open in the morning. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

    1. YAY! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email me :)

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  6. Love this! Was going to experiment and do my own pattern until I came across a link to this on another blog. Saw it orginally on victoria secret and was not about to pay 49 dollars! Thanks for the guidance/tutorial! :) I'm going to try it out with some flow-y chiffon material as well!

  7. LOOVED IT!!
    Thank you so much ;)

  8. Does this wrap on like the low back?

  9. Does this wrap on the same way as the low back version?


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