Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Pillow Update

Oh hey, Wednesday, how are you treating the world? It's amazing how Memorial Day messes with my sense of time ... I haven't been able to easily figure out what day it is all week. Ah yes. We are all creatures of habit.
Especially me.
Here is a project for even the least crafty amongst us.
I was shopping for swimsuit material (tutorial coming...) when I spotted this pretty, French-themed upholstery fabric. I immediately wanted it for our home, but didn't necessarily have a project for it. I thought of a rather boring and sad little pillow that lives in our living room. It got into a fight with a table and lost part of its corner and now it just hides behind other more complete and lovely pillows.
I thought this fabric may be the key to the restoration of our heroic pillow's pride and bought 1/4 yard, which was more than enough. Basically, I added a little panel to both sides. It was crazy easy. And guess what? You can choose your skill level, baby!
(1) Cut it. Cut 2 panels out from your fabric. I made mine 10 inch squares, but they can be circular, hearts, stars...whatever.
(2) Treat it. Here's where your choice comes in... You can treat the raw edges with fray check, fold over the edges and hem or hot glue down, run a stitch along the edge. I chose the last option so that the edges would make a fun frayed line.
(3) Attach it. Hot glue it down!
The entire project took about 10 minutes and 2 dollars. It was a fun way to update a rather boring, cheap pillow. Before, it hid behind it's more lavish counterparts in our living room,  but now it can proudly stand alone. Holla!
I went with Meghan from SPLIT THE LARK to a fun West Michigan Blogger Meet Up and met some really cool people with super fun blogs from the area. I'll have to introduce you to them in the weeks to come and show you what they're all about. Each lady had a specific theme to her blog and all of them were cool. 
I have two more projects for the week, both are clothing related. I'm deciding between several refashions OR posting the latest beach cover up this week. We'll see. I guess it comes down to whatever gets finished ;) Oh hey... tomorrow is the last day to get in on the May giveaway (custom hair piece) before a new one starts in July. As always, la vie FACEBOOK fans are automatically entered. Have a fantastic day, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Love the simplicity in this. You could do this with any number of fabrics as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! My favorite would be to use extra fabric from an upholstery project. What an easy way to tie together a room!


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