Friday, May 4, 2012

Expensive Jeans? Pfft...

It's  very bittersweet to say that this week marks the end of a six year experiment. And, of course, I'm going to share the results with you.
Six years ago I bought a pair of skinny jeans at Forever 21 for $11.80. I loved the fit, better than any skinny I had previously tried, and for the price I thought it was worth a shot. In fact, at the time, I bought two pairs. I figured that one would last about 6 months and then I'd have another pair to use after that.
They were there when I modeled...
Ladies and Gentlemen (the three men that read my blog...), I am here to tell you that those bad boys lasted through every wash, every rough wear, every vacation and every event until this week when the very first frayings of a little hole made an appearance on my left knee. 

They were there when I got engaged...
I cannot believe how long they lasted! I never expected to have them more than a few months when I bought them. They were my absolute favorites. I wore them *all*the*time*. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it, but we're talking 3 times per week. I reached for them first, always. If they were dirty, I usually gave up wearing skinnies entirely. 
They traveled with me overseas...
I did the math, they were worn around 930 times making the cost per wear just above 1 penny. Isn't that amazing?
Now let me just tell you... I own a lot of jeans. And a lot of nice brands, too (Seven for All Mankind, Diesel, Yanuk, Fornarina...) in addition to standard brands (Express, Gap). None of them even came close to comparing in fit. And I kind of have to wonder if they'd stand up in quality, either. Let's just say that many of my Express jeans are a lot worse off than my skinnies, in spite of rarely seeing the light of day. And my Diesels aren't looking so hot, either (though I did wear those fairly often). 
The demise.
So, this week, as I pulled out the extra pair of skinnies from Forever 21... purchased all those years ago... I thought of what an amazing deal I got. The only thing that changed throughout the years was the color... I didn't even remember that they were once this dark! You can see they had faded to a medium blue by the end. Small price to pay.
Women, Ladies, Girls! I say to you- reject the tales magazines tell you! Reject the (paid) endorsements of rich celebrities! Open your mind to the possibility of cheap jeans... and see how they treat you.
Or maybe just jeans from Forever 21.
These last four shots are of the "new" pair. Sorry about the quality, but it was quite a dreary day in Michigan. And we were in a hurry. Ice cream was on the line.
Happy Friday! This weekend offers a lot of exciting adventures for me. I'll tell you all about it next week. As always, thanks for reading! 


  1. Yes! Although I feel a little bad buying anything from F21 (what must they pay the workers to get the prices so low?!) my favorite pair of jeans are a F21 $15 pair. 4 years old. I wish I'd been smart enough to buy two pairs, because I will be so sad when they wear out!

    1. When I started sewing I had the same thought! It's often a lot of work... and fabric can be expensive. What are the people being paid when they make store bought clothing?! But, yeah... they sure do make good jeans!

  2. I have had the same experience with a cheap pair of Target jeans. I got them when I finally gave in and bought a pair of skinny jeans. They were on sale, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with $9. They are super comfortable although the black color is fading some. But I still wear them all the time and find myself wishing I had a second pair whenever they are in the wash.


    1. Xin, I'm so glad you're with me! Maybe some day target will make them again :) I know right now they're selling brightly colored skinnies. Have you ever tried to dye clothes before?


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