Friday, May 18, 2012

High School... A Decade Later.

So... I honestly don't even know where to start. (except with the obvious, which is indulging my urge to watch Romy and Michele's High school Reunion...)
I got a facebook invitation (from a woman that I really respect. She's brilliant + gorgeous- holla, Christine!) about our 10 year high school reunion this week. 
Not possible. Readers, I need your help.
I realized that I've only once mentioned high school before, and only briefly to say that while it wasn't a bad experience, I don't ever think about it.
It's weird because I *loved* high school when I was there! It was fun, I loved the people, I did well in my classes... but when I look back, I'm a little bit embarrassed. 
Let's just learn a little bit about auna as a high schooler, shall we?
First of all, my name wasn't 'auna' then. I used my full name in those days. It was horrible. While I do like my full name now, it was *never* friendly as a kid. I had to repeat it incessantly, people always forgot it, I got accused (and possibly always carried a stigma with people because of it) of being pretentious for having it (as if I can help my name...) and *every* substitute teacher was another opportunity to learn new ways of slaughtering my name.
What's in a name, Shakespeare? A lot, you jerk.
Second of all... I had a strong...massive opinion about *everything* and hadn't yet learned that just because I am blessed with an opinion doesn't mean everyone has to hear it all.the.time. 
Thirdly, I was a brat. Not all the time, and usually to my parents, but often enough to blush when I remember.
I had zero athletic skills, so instead I spent my time devouring French, in yearbook class and as the President of NHS.
Mhm. I'm really glad that seventeen is just a stage of life, though I wish I could have a few conversations with my 17-year-old self.
Fellow francophile, Becky. We're making Eiffel Towers with our hands. Clearly my sickness goes way back.  I discovered *several* pictures like this taken with Becky. We really, really liked French.  Apparently.
If that wasn't enough to keep me from wanting a trip down memory lane, there's always the friendship issue. I had a lot of friends in school from various different groups. Most of my friends had been around since middle school. When I graduated, I never saw any of them again. Ever. I haven't seen anyone (on purpose) since we graduated, not even my close friends. Even my very, very best friend hasn't spoken to me since we were probably about 19. 
My fault, for the record.
It's really hard to think back when every memory I have is tied to someone that was once my best friend and now isn't. And not because we 'drifted apart', haha. It sours all of the fun we had.  Though there are several  great + good friends that I'd love to see again, I don't know that a high school reunion is the preferable circumstance. 
Brandon + I climbing trees at a yearbook event ... check out my super cool yearbook tee.  I definitely wore it to bed last night.
Based on the all of the posts in the group, I couldn't believe how pumped everyone was. Students from all different circles and groups were posting about how excited they were to see each other again. There *was* an altercation, and it was slightly bizarre, but I won't repeat it on my bloggy blog for the whole world to read. But ... yeah. It was exactly what I expected out of high school reunions. You can go ahead fill in the blanks yourself.

I finally felt justified when little statuses started popping up here and there from people who felt the same way I did, or were at least on the fence about going.
Is it worth the price tag of a plane ticket? 
Have people changed? (though that's not fair, because I know that I have)
Would we even have anything in common anymore, or anything to talk about?
Valid questions. YES! I'm not the only one! 
Posing with my awesome brother . Prom, senior year. I wanted to look like Rose from Titanic. The *first* time it was in theaters. I was obviously super, super cool. And I swear, I had a date.
No matter who you were in high school, everyone has strong feelings looking back. It's a crazy, tough time. Everything seems like a big deal, everything is the end of the world. People fight and the whole school hears all of the details, both real *and* fabricated. Girls are so, so mean. Each individual, incredible, wonderful person gets boiled down to a single characteristic, generalized and filed away... nerd, jock, prep... 
I decided to pepper this post with some super cool pics of my from my Junior and Senior years. Clearly, I was pretty awesome (sarcasm intended). I went through some old photo albums (back before digital cameras- holla!) and noticed that for my Sweet Sixteen I kept all of the cards I got for my birthday. I read all of the inside jokes from really close friends, positive that I'd never forget them, and had no idea what any of them referred to. The only inside jokes I can actually remember are...
The secret Calvin and Hobbes based language I made up in the 6th grade with my friend Lisa. we were rockstars. We also used to flush the toilet in her bathroom and then run out screaming, "IT'S GONNA BLOW!!!" before dramatically jumping to escape certain death and instead inflicting countless rug burns on our faces. We did this repeatedly. All the time.
Sorry for taking you down with me, Lisa. 
Renee + me... clearly wondering if you've seen our baseball.
I also remember "have you seen my baseball?!" which my friend Renee and I constantly asked each other at the library when we both opted out of a taking a class. That's Renee in the picture with me, and yes, we are dramatically posing against the backdrop at prom. Classy. Whatever, Renee is gorgeous, I know you aren't judging her. I once had a guy tell me that he would SAW OFF HIS LEGS to go to prom with Renee. 
Nothing else even remotely rings a bell. I guess I sort of thought high school would be different, based on the way it's immortalized in our country.
Sorry, Bryan Adams, those were in fact *not* the best days of my life.
But they also weren't the worst.

How was high school for you? Would YOU go to a reunion- have you gone? What was it like? Weigh in below or on FACEBOOK. I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. Great post, fun to read...especially because I was there with you :) And I just have to say...I can, in my head, right now, hear you and Renee saying, "Have you seen my baseball?" lol. I also remember how happy and comforted I was to sit with you during Senior Economics, and...Driver's Ed, too? We went through some stuff, Aun, but you, my dear, are a good egg :)

    1. You're a good egg, too ;) And for the record, the very testimony that you can *hear* us saying it just proves the ridiculousness of the entire story. Why in the world was that so funny to us?! I don't know if you ever saw it, but I blogged about your Christmas presents once, Hanna! You, of course, are on the list of great friends I'd be happy to see again <3

  2. I'm right there with ya girlie :o)

    1. What are SRT sisters for?! Now, i *would* be down with a Jones SRT reunion. <3

    2. I still have my shirt ;)

    3. Our SRT family was pretty awesome...

  3. I'm definitely abstaining from going to the reunion, but it's for a very different reason. I just think 10 Years Is Way too short of a time for people to be excited about updating each other on their life. Shoot - most of us haven't even finished grad school or had our first child yet. Also, as great as Facebook is, it severely degrades the surprise factor you seek in attending reunions. FB has allowed me to keep in touch w/ the people who I actually cared about in H.S.

    1. Well if that's true then you owe me a MASSIVE update, mister! Because we were pretty tight in high school ;) So fill me in sometime through facebook, I want to hear about that beautiful new wife of yours! And yeah, I agree... it hasn't been long enough.

    2. Ahh, see. You already knew that I just had my wedding lol. And I found out that you have this awesome blog and are rising to iconic levels on Pinterest. I'll give you an in-depth update soon, though.

    3. haha... hoping to do this full-time, soon :) almost there. I look forward to that update! I'm really glad that things are going well, Craig. Really glad.

  4. I can't say that I would go to my high school graduation. Of the friends that I did have in high school, none of them were in my class. While I enjoyed my last year of high school, it doesn't make up for the first three years of torment I suffered from classmates. I was the book worm/ nerd/ geek, and the teacher's pet. Though how they thought I was a teacher's pet, just because I would say hello and be polite to my teachers, has never made any sense to me. I have only been out of high school for two and a half years, I don't think about it often. Most of my class has already ended up married or having kids, and that is just not how I want to spend the next few years instead of getting my college degree.

    1. I am SO sorry to hear how you were treated. It seems like kids see what they want to see, and these days it doesn't appear that being polite/respectful to teachers + adults is common anymore.
      GOOD GRIEF! So you're about 20 and your classmates are getting married and having kids? I'm doing a marriage series later this week- send it to anyone who isn't married! Wow. That strikes me as really young. Though it *does* happen that young marriages work, of course, statistically it isn't a good idea. So getting that degree before starting a family sounds like the right way to go. Get it, girl!


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