Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinterest Refashion (Maxi Dress- Part One)

So, since last week's Pinterest refashion went so well, I decided to make it part of the weekly line up. That means you should send ideas to me! I plan to do this again once the right starter-piece turns up and I can do a full on refashion. (dress from MANGO)
You see... I approach projects with reckless abandonment.
There is no planning.
There is an idea and then there is an execution. So when I get an idea, it's really frustrating if it can't be immediately done. When we had visited several thrift stores without success while looking for the starter, I was super bummed. And I started ripping through my closet deciding which perfectly fine dress should be cut up in the name of Refashion. I was trying to justify it to John, too...
Me: but, I mean, when was the last time you saw me wear it?! (last summer- you know, when it was warm...)
John: Ok.
Me: I mean, so it was really expensive, but this way I'll wear it more!
John: Ok. 
John has kind of learned when to give up because my mind is already set. He's pretty smart.
Thankfully for the poor maxi dress, I discovered a way to achieve the look without ripping a single seam! 
And that's where we're today. Any maxi you own with an elasticized waist can be turned into a skirt just by tucking the top in and belting it at the waist! Tuck, step in, cinch. Done. The straps were by my waist, ps, I didn't put my legs through them. 
And here's what it looks like afterwards...
Historically I have hated maxi skirts, but the look was so awesome, it made me rethink my stance. Technically, the inspiration is a strapless maxi, but I'd like it better if it wasn't. I like the pairing of a tube top with a high waisted maxi. SO, I'm going find the appropriate pieces and get back at you... with a full on, identical refashion. Until then, have fun converting your dresses to skirts n 10 seconds. As always, thanks for reading :)


  1. Cuteness. I'm ready for some maxi dresses for the summer! Nice job.

    1. Thank you, Marti! You're always so encouraging :)


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