Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take Some Love Ad + Happy Birthday, Nico!

I want to dedicate today's post and project to the greatest brother who ever lived, my big brother, Nick, who turns 30-something today. (tutorial below)
While all of you were growing up with a brother that gave you wedgies, beat up on you or called you names... I had a brother who taught me karate at 4, punched a kindergarten aged kid in the face for looking at me, always gave up his freshly buttered bagel for me and taught me my entire life that I was beautiful and valuable.
What a brother. 
It was kind of hard following him, though. He's basically brilliant. Let's just get it out there. While I was using a dribble cup, he was coming up with high tech inventions. 
And they worked.
Whatever, man. 
Cutest care bear ever... 
My mom kept a very detailed baby book for him:
8 months: Today Nick drank out of a full-sized cup!
9 months: This morning, Nick took his first steps!
10 months: All day Nick has been solving the world's clean water problem and ending world hunger through his design for a vertical skyscraper farm.
My baby book is empty.
I guess, "Today Auna said her first words!" isn't comparatively impressive for a 4 year old.
Other than that, growing up with Nick was awesome. God gave me the best brother a person could ever ask for, and today he's just as great. Always just a phone call away, still the smartest man on the planet... and the most gentle, too.
I love my brother. I love him for all of his selfless, wonderful qualities that he has had his entire life. And I hope some day to be a little bit more like him.
My brother (left) getting reading for my marriage celebration with John (right)
Nick making sure I didn't fall to my doom while taking some risky  photos. It makes me laugh EVERY time.
In honor of Nick, I'm recreating something I saw while shopping with my friend, Brittani. I can't remember exactly how it went, but it was super cool. The idea was that the base of the poster was like an ad. You know those ads; people are trying to sell an old piano or give guitar lessons and at the bottom you can tear off a way to call/email/get in touch? Mhm. That's what we're doing here. Except we're selling happiness + warm fuzzy feelings. For free. You're having people take away something encouraging or useful instead of a phone number.
It's super easy! Just decorate the top to say whatever you'd like. You can theme it after a person and put his/her pic at the top. You can theme it for an organization/church/school with that logo/name at the top. Whatever you want. Write out your little take-aways and you're done! I wrote "love selflessly" for all of them in honor of my brother. Here are examples of what else to write...
a) Chores! Haha- take it, kids!
b) Encouragement- little quotes, scriptures, wise words, whatever
c) Mottoes
d) Helpful hints
e) Reasons you love 
Have fun with it. I used my PowerPoint program on my husband's mac (don't judge.) to create mine. There are certainly more elaborate programs, but for the lazy like me- that will work just fine.
Make sure to cut lines between the take-aways and bend them a few times to ensure that they're easy to tear!
I hope your week is refreshing. I can't wait to celebrate birthdays with my awesome brother (mine is three days after his)! Have the greatest day, and as always, thanks for reading!

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