Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The BEST natural soap- customized to YOUR skin

So let's take a poll- is it annoying to anyone else when random strangers call you pet names like honey + sweetheart? I made the huge mistake of taking an e-miles survey about car insurance and have gotten a ridiculous amount of phone calls (to my cell, with limited minutes) from several different companies wanting to know if I'm available to talk.
I'm not. ever.
The most annoying came from a woman who immediately informed me that it wasn't a sales call (then why is she calling?! She wasn't from my provider...) and that my call *was currently* being recorded.
She called me honey and sweetheart about 30 times within 45 seconds. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I'm sure they're just trying to establish some sort of connection, but forced intimacy doesn't work for me. And somehow it seems really condescending. The following is an actual quote, "Ok Andrea (my name is AUndrea), it's ok sweetheart (why was she trying to comfort me? I know it's ok?) I want to let you know that this call *is being recorded*, but you are ok, honey. It's ok." ... and at that point I just hung up.
I know it wasn't the nicest thing (and definitely negated her whole "sweetheart" theory) but I just couldn't take any more. What was I supposed to be worried about? The world may never know.
Anyway... let's talk about how much I LOVE this Pure Glycerin Soap from the Canadian company 'The Soap Works'. Holy cats. For the record- the company doesn't even know I'm reviewing their product. This is all me, baby! I found it while looking for a great natural soap over the last several months. I've tried zillions and hated most of them. But I *loved* this!
It's completely natural and extremely simple. I can't imagine anyone being unable to use it, even the most sensitive skins. I hear Cetaphil being pushed all the time for sensitive skin, but I think it's drying and ps- it's *far* from natural. This will leave your skin feeling clean, not over dry and ready for the day!
And here's my favorite part- you can customize it to your skin needs by adding in some essential oil.

Acne or oily skin? Lemon + tea tree oil (also good are lavender + grapefruit)
Dry or sensitive skin? Rosewood + ylang ylang
Mature skin? Rosemary + chamomile

Just go with it! Do a little research about your specific skin and how essential oil can help it. Order a few essential oils and give it a whirl. Try 5 drops per ounce of soap and test it first. Once you're sold on the combo for your skin, open the remainder of the bottle and add in 80-90 drops total (unless you used an obscene amount in trial!).
Generally this wouldn't appeal to me at all. The packaging is definitely not beautiful and hey- let's talk about it, when you visit the website there are weird outdoorsy sounds that play. Birds calling, moose... doing whatever they do... it creeps me out. There's absolutely nothing outdoorsy about me. And the fact that the bottle floats so that you can use it at sea is especially disconcerting. I am not a sea-faring woman. So only the actual performance of the soap could win me over. And also the economy, for the record I've had the 16 oz bottle for at least 2 months and I really haven't made a dent in it after daily washing! Yesss!
You can use it for your face, body, hands... whatever you want.
So enjoy.
And get ready- because in July there will be a MASSIVE natural beauty review with about everything you can imagine. And it's all good.
I hope you're having a great day! And as always, thanks for reading. 

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