Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

So, I went to work with John today.
Apparently I prefer getting up at 4 am to driving by myself in downtown Grand Rapids. Have I ever told you that I'm kind of a baby? You see, today is Tattoo Touch up Day and our artist is in DT GR, where John works.
And I hate that drive.
So today, I got up and drove in with him, then slept in my Jeep for a couple of hours and now I'm blogging live from Starbucks!
I wish it could be Biggby :/
I didn't even drink the coffee. Judge me, I don't care. I love Biggby.
Anyway- this is the piece I was telling you about YESTERDAY. I absolutely love how it has turned out. I made a couple of revisions after taking the pictures yesterday (which you can see below- though the quality isn't as good) and then I have a few more ideas for today. So I'll have to post a final product soon.
My boss, Genny, gave me this bathroom set when remodeling her home. It was made to be screwed into the wall, but the rack and bathroom cabinet were too heavy for our apartment walls. I decided to use them for craft storage and turned them upside down so that they would rest on the heavy shelf (top side). I gave it a good cleaning and then started the steps below. Don't be afraid to take an old bathroom cabinet and put it somewhere else in your home for storage. I love this so much, I wish it could live in our living room, but currently our home is too small. Next home... this is getting a more prominent place. You can rest it on a table, in the laundry room, on a large shelf... wherever. Don't feel chained to the bathroom!
(1) Paint it. You can't really tell because of the original color of the cabinet, but I taped it off and went to town. I painted in stripes... everywhere... as well as just entire sections of grey. Though it comes off looking much more blue in pictures?
(2) Assess it. At this point I thought I was finished and stuffed it full of goodies, but as I looked at the pictures, I realized that the top half seemed a bit separated from the rest of the cabinet with all of the white. I also decided it needs new knobs (which I haven't gotten yet- but will visit Hobby Lobby for). 
So I added a cute little heart on top. But then I decided there was still too much white. So I painted the top grey entirely, then added a grey stripe to the shelf on top. The little white heart didn't turn out as well as the original grey, but I can't redo it. I mixed my own custom paint for this bad boy, so matching it exactly to cover up the white heart would be nearly impossible. 
I like it much better with the top painted as well. I think it ties it together nicely. Again, I love how this turned out. Because it's grey, it can go in nearly any room in our home, so as soon as we get a bigger home, this bad boy is getting a bigger display place! 
John and I attempted to make the CAKE WAFFLE ICE CREAM sandwiches I saw on Pinterest the other day. John loved them but I wasn't really feeling it as much. I think it didn't turn out as well because we used a brownie batter that was all natural and flavored with stevia instead of sugar. Have you looked into stevia? I'm not sold as to whether or not it's better or worse than sugar. It's marketed as Truvia, Purevia, Stevia in the Raw and many other brands. It's funny because my BFF, Steph, asked me what I thought of it a few months ago and I didn't realize it was the same thing as Truvia. Ah well. Any thoughts?
I'm about to hit the mall, then grab lunch for my Johnny Boy. I hope you have an excellent day! As always, thanks for reading.  


  1. That bathroom cabinet turned out beautifully! I wish I had a larger bathroom space, and then I would try to make one myself.

    1. Sadie Baby- forget the bathroom! I'm using it in the craft room. Our bathrooms are *tiny* :)


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