Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Hair Bows

Ok, so. Something happened with my camera while I was photographing the process and I didn't catch on until it was too late. Sorry for that :/ I'm going to do another version later this week, so if the pictures don't make sense, just stay tuned for that.
I made this hair bow for Megan, our May facebook winner. She told me that she likes neutrals, so I decided to make her this little bad boy. I like it because the fabric says "hard core" (gun metal silver, thick tulle, stitching) but then the bow is so sweet. It's a nice little contrast. This bow is fairly large. I like it for use with buns, both on top of and behind the bun, which if you haven't seen floating around pinterest, is super stinking cute. Want to make your own?
(1) Cut it. Cut out your ribbon. I used two pieces because of the set up of the ribbon, it would have looked asymmetrical if I hadn't. If you have a thick piece of ribbon (2 inches or more) just go with that. Mine is about 10 inches long.
(2) Connect it. For most of you, this is unnecessary. Because I used two pieces of ribbon, I had to hot glue them together. I just put a strip of hot glue down the edge of one piece and connected the other on top of it.
(3) Fold it. Remember how you fold tape together to make a tape circle? Same thing. Just connect the ends with hot glue. You want the pretty side facing outward.
(4) Wrap it. I used a thick piece of black lace and just squished it together. You can use a piece of the same ribbon, contrasting ribbon, fabric, whatever you want. You don't need a big piece because it has to really squeeze the fabric in to give it a bow feel. Simply wrap it around realllllyy tightly and glue.
Lastly, just glue the clip/barrette of your choice on back with hot glue. I have an option below if you want it to be prettier. Done! It's super cute. I ended up making one for myself because I loved it so much. Plus my hair is getting longer, so I can *almost* put it up in a nice, full bun.
Optional: You can add a piece of hair-colored ribbon to your clip to hide the glue marks. Just but it on the UNDERSIDE of the top clip and wrap the tab a little bit over on the top side of the top clip. I don't recommend putting ribbon on the bottom half of the clip (the part that slides into hair) because then it doesn't hold hair as well.
I hope summer is treating you well so far. I know mine is! All the best and as always, thanks for reading! 

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