Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Men's Shirt to Cropped Tube Refashion

So for those of you who are FACEBOOK fans (and really, you should probably be...), you may be wondering about the outcome of my status last night...
"Dear readers: I am currently attempting a combination balayage/ombre on my hair. I am not a professional. I am, however, impulsive. This is either genius or moronic."
Basically I wanted my hair done by tomorrow. And no one could get me an appointment. So clearly, the best idea was to just go ahead and do it myself.
Caution to the wind!
No looking back!
I don't know if it was the providence of God... divine intervention... whatever... but it's completely invisible.
I don't know what happened. I put the stuff in my hair... I waited (longer than) the appropriate amount of time... and yet, I sit here (four hours later) with hair that is exactly the same as it was before.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super disappointed. Even if it *is* for the best. Anyway, today's post didn't turn out quite right, either. It was going to be an adorable tank top (which I will attempt again next week) and is instead this cropped top. I seriously underestimated the width of my hips, which is kind of entertaining. John gave me a bunch of his too-big button downs to play with, so I can try, try again! Besides- I see some good use for this cropped tube. Wouldn't it be adorable over a solid bathing suit with a head scarf + big earrings? I would have loved to show you that version, but we're all aware by now that I'm not going to model any bathing suits for the world wide web, mmmkay? This was a relatively simple project, though, so tune in,
(1) Start it. Cut around the arm holes and chop the top off at the shoulders, flip inside out. 
(2) Trace it.  Grab a well-fitting tank and place it at the top of your skirt. Be sure to choose one that fits really well at the top, otherwise you'll have to add elastic to keep the top up (or keep altering the shirt until it fits). Pin all along the tank top, leaving some seam allowance. Pin all the way to the bottom of the shirt, you want excess to tie with.
(3) Hem it. Run it through the sewing machine (or by hand if you'd like?). Stitch the sides together and trim away the excess, flip the edge at the top and make a small hem. The bottom is fine, obviously, because it's still intact!
(4) Crop it.  Button down half way and then tie the excess into a knot. Wear it any way you'd like!

So there you have it. So far this week all of my projects have bombed! Monday's glitter vase, Tuesday's T-shirt + dye job and then today's tank. But they also all turned into something completely cool in a different way- so I consider this week successful so far! I have a great project for tomorrow. I'm hoping it turns out the way it's supposed to.
I hope you have a fantastic day and as always, thanks for reading.


  1. Aundrea, you beautiful girl, you... That's wicked cute!!!!!

    1. I'm pretty sure that *you're* wicked cute ;) <3


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