Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY T-Shirt to Crop Refashion

Oh hey, girl.
Happy Friday.
If you haven't noticed, cropped shirts are a pretty big deal this season. I can't say that I fully support the trend because... well... let's just get it out there: there really isn't a good reason to ever run around town with your stomach on display.
Too much ab-age in the world today.
BUT I do see a place for the cropped top... and in my world, that place is ballet. I do a lot of refashions for ballet because dance wear is RIDICULOUSLY expensive and I'm not down with it. But I try to make sure that all of my ballet-class refashions are street worthy. This is no exception.
I bought this off the shoulder shirt a long time ago. It was really long and tight at the bottom and featured an asymmetrical hem. I never really liked the way it fit. I tried wearing it to class last week and it looked odd at the bottom, all tight and clingy. No thanks. So somewhere between warm ups and pirouettes, I decided to crop it.
SO easy. And hey- it works with any baggy-ish tee. If you want it to be off the shoulder, that's do-able, too and I'll explain that.
All I did was lay the shirt flat on the ground and cut a straight line across the bottom- about 8 inches. The amount you cut off will vary depending on what YOU want. Be sure to try the shirt on first and mark about how long you want it to be.
If you're using an old t-shirt or some sort of jersey knit, you won't need to hem. The edge will simply roll up. If you want a clean hem, that's totally ok! Follow the directions HERE to make a gorgeous hem.
Lastly, if you want an off the shoulder, cut along the collar of your t-shirt to remove it, widening slightly into an oval shape on the top of the shoulders, about an inch on each side of the collar. When you wear it, it will fall to one shoulder.
Wasn't that the easiest refashion ever? It's a super quick way update any of your old t's for summer. Mmm. Warmth. Beach. Happiness. Joy. 
Have an awesome weekend, people.  I hope it's refreshing! As always, thanks for reading


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. thanks, Emme! I'm hoping to post a more complete version when my tech issues clear up next week :)


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