Monday, June 4, 2012

Le Weekend + Baby Bunnies

Just try to resist a baby bunny. Really. I dare you.
John + I traveled to southern Ohio this weekend to visit his awesome parents. As soon as we got into the driveway, his mom alerted us to the sweetest little mama rabbit hopping around in yard.
And then it happened... she showed us the babies.
Apparently this rabbit has had a busy Spring, leaving a couple of litters in my in-laws front yard.
Let me just tell you... there were four little baby bunnies all snuggled up in a rather shallow hole and it took *everything* I had not to constantly hold them.
Like every minute.
I loved them.
My poor husband. He immediately saw his impending doom. There was no way around it, we needed a baby bunny. Fortunately for him, I read online that it's illegal to attempt domestication of wild animals, otherwise I guarantee I'd be typing this out with a little furry bun-bun on my lap right now.
My cool in-laws didn't mind my extremely frequent trips to the front yard. In fact, my mother-in-law was very entertained by my full on army-crawls to the hole to check on them. I had no shame. She told me she never thought she'd see the day when I'd crawl through the grass. I told her there is no end to what I'll do for baby bunnies.
And I stand by that.
Ok, also... we saw these fun goats and sheep. Let's just talk about how hilarious this black goat is... he would shove his head through the fence and eat from the grass on the other side. Apparently it was that much better. I laughed pretty hard.
Annnd we also hit a garage sale (holla, Mary & Becky!) where two lovely ladies sold me an awesome chair for 50 cents (!!!) which I can't wait to repurpose. They also gave me a gorgeous mirror FOR FREE! Ladies, you rock.
Let's talk food. It's always exciting to hit southern Ohio for the food.
La Rosas Pizza
Skyline Chili
Tony Packo's hot dogs
Central Pastry cookies
It was an amazing weekend. Yum. My mouth is actually watering as I re-live the food experience. Plus, John's mom can cook... and she made us a Sunday feast before we headed back! We can hardly wait to visit them again this summer.
ignore the black spots- John's camera lens was dirty (phone)
One more thing... in case you're freaking out about the bunnies being abandoned by their mama- it's ok! We have all been lied to. Apparently that's an old myth. My father-in-law said that mom's would tell their children that just to keep them away from the bunnies. I googled it. Various rabbit/wildlife sanctuaries agree. The mama will not abandon her babies due to "human smell". In fact, they encouraged us to move a bunny nest (up to 10 feet) if it was in a dangerous or too open spot. Oh yeah. That's right... in some situations we even get the green light to play with ... um... help the little buns.
I'm about to write another post today announcing the winner of the May Facebook contest and sharing the prize for June. SO- stay tuned. The rules are a little bit different than usual. You'll want to pay attention :) I hope you have an awesome day and I'll be back tomorrow with a tutorial! As always- thanks for reading!
Oh! If you have any suggestions for a good breed... let me know! We're thinking we'll get our bunny in the fall.


  1. I have no problem resisting baby peed on me when I was younger. Ick.

    But they sure are cute in your pictures!!

    1. Oh my word, Martha! That would scar me for life. I bet you prefer to admire them from afar these days ;)

  2. I would suggest any part dwarf or full dwarf bunny. I have one and she is absolutely to die for. Watch out for electrical wires (they like to chew them) and Bunbun (that is her name) has a massive love for alcohol. So be careful! Oh and candy canes! :-) She is a wonderful pet though!

    1. Hmm... electricity, alcohol and candy canes... your little bunbun is into some wild things! haha! Thanks for the advice- we were actually looking at a Netherland Dwarf, so I'm really glad to hear from an owner. And ps- we just *really* be on the same page! We're thinking of calling the bunny Cinnabun so that hubs can call it Cinna and I can call it bunbun!! <3


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