Monday, June 11, 2012

Le Weekend + Georgie's + DIY Glitter Vase

First things first, I made this adorable glitter vase (TUTORIAL HERE) this weekend. I have been wondering what to do with several decorative vases around the home and this was the answer. I attempted to make a weird edge at the top using painter's tape. It failed. Stick to the original tutorial, ok? I also failed at taking a good picture, but I promise, it's cute. If you don't believe me- check out the original below. Image from Heavily Edited.
diy shimmery glitter green vase
Also, we checked out the most incredible consignment shop in the world. It's called Georgie's and is in Ada (Grand Rapids), Michigan. It is a MUST visit. Georgie is fabulous and so is her shop.
She sells lots of high-end items, most still tagged, for a fraction of their price. Hudson + Seven jeans, Kate Spade sunglasses.... it was ridiculous. I wanted everything. I settled for this (BRAND NEW!) Juicy Couture necklace, though.
It was still in its original box, I paid $14.50... insane. I've worn it every day since. Such a steal. I can't wait to go back when we have more time. I could easily clean that place out.
Lastly, we had our first (!!!) weekend home in several weeks. It was wonderful. Late mornings with no agenda followed by lazy, blissful afternoons. We hit up our local farmer's market for some fresh eggs and then headed to the zoo. And what a lovely day at the zoo it was!
I was completely in love with these peacocks. They had free roam of the place and let us get *this close* for pictures. Every now and then they'd start calling to each other from all over the zoo. It was really fun to listen in on :)
Baby tigers much?! They're nine months old. We got to hear about their incredible birth + survival thanks to the quick thinking of the team at Potter Park + MSU.
And how about their dad! Holy cats is he HUGE! I do keep having flashes of Hobbes from my favorite comic as I look at him though. Flipped on his back, lazing about like any common house cat.
Um. Is it just us or do these camels look like they're in the middle of a coffee break at work...? "So then said to HIM...."
This King Vulture is gorgeous, but slightly intimidating with his six foot wingspan...
And last but not least... doesn't this muppet-ish looking chicken make you want to start raising your own?! Mmm... fresh eggs in the morning ;)

That's it for today! I have tons of tutorials to photograph for this week, so I need to get outside before we lose the daylight. Oh, and hey, submissions are pouring in for next month's natural + organic product review. We can hardly wait! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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