Monday, June 18, 2012

Le Weekend (VACATION!)

Let's talk about it people.
How awesome is vacation? SO awesome. And beach vacation is even better!
We took a long weekend (Thursday- Sunday) to go to Grand Haven with my family for a getaway. It was perfect. My entire immediate family went as well as my aunt, uncle + their daughter and her husband. It was a crazy, loud, fun time with some of my favorite people on earth and I'm SO glad we got to go.
If you've ever been to Grand Haven I don't need to tell you how beautiful it is, but if you haven't well... just take a look at these pictures. It's situated on Lake Michigan, which is insanely massive (they're called Great Lakes for a reason...)
I promise, it's very easy to forget that it's only a lake and not the ocean. I love it!
John is the biggest GH fan I know. He can hardly wait to get to the beach as soon as we pull up and generally spends his summer devising ways to LIVE in Grand Haven. So far he has decided that we can sleep in our Jeep for the summer.
Yeah, no.
This is our favorite ice cream shop. I'd give you the entire history- but it's ours :) Basically, it involves a date, a fall, a scar + some ice cream to soothe it over. 
This bad boy was legitimately the largest dragon fly I've ever seen. Ever. He was huge. We're talking massive.. 4 inches long. BAH!
The view from the balcony of our room. Gorgeous? Yes. Yes it was. And hey, super close, too! Just a hop, skip and jump to that beautiful water!
My niece + cousin had a lovely time making play dough creations. Here she's sporting a diamond bracelet. She also had a manicure that used pieces of play dough as nail polish. Creative little one.
Grand Haven is home to the Coast Guard. We got to watch the men in action while they did a little rescue practice. One dude jumped out of the chopper to act as the victim and the other man was lowered down, swam over, "rescued" him, strapped him in and then they were both raised to safety. It was stinking awesome. I watched forever. I don't care how nerdy that makes me.
The pier is unmatched in beauty. I love taking a stroll down it every time we come. There are always fishermen hanging out, too. We saw one guy get a MASSIVE catch- which you can see above, yo'. I also found a pile of what I think were discarded fish, but I didn't share it.
The end! I took a zillion pictures, but it's late and I'm tired... so these were randomly selected :) Maybe I'll share a few more once I sort through them. It's my fault. We got home early enough but I insisted on a game of Monopoly with John that was extremely emotionally draining. I may or may not have cried. Whatever. Mr. Monopoly was harshing on my mellow.
I can't seem to get all of the sand out of my hair... does anyone else have this problem? No...? Just me, then. That's all for today, I've got to get back into the DIY gig now. I didn't do any creating while on my vaca ... well... except for memories, that is! (extremely cheesy, I know. I have no regrets)
Have an awesome day, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. I happen to live near GH and yes, it's fabulous! One of our favorite summer pastimes is just walking along the Boardwalk/Pier.

    1. Mhm! That was one of the biggest motivators for becoming a west-sider. GH is where it's at!

  2. I lived in Spring Lake, the town directly next door to GH. So naturally GH was one of my daily teenage hangouts along with many other lakeshore towns from Saugatuck to Ludington.

    1. That would be a FANTASTIC childhood! Was Old Boy's around when you lived in Spring Lake?

  3. You can sprinkle cornstarch or baby powder on your crown and roots and massage it in, then turn your head upside down and shake.

    1. Really?! I had NO idea that would take sand out. Brilliant- thank you!


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