Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pinterest Refashion: Boyfriends to Skinny... Boyfriends?

It's been way too long since I did a Pinterest refashion. I pinned an adorable outfit from The Pink Peonies (Inspiration) a few weeks ago, this woman definitely knows how to get dressed. She has it goin' on, people!
The pinner zeroed in on her pants and had labeled the pin "boyfriend jeans!" which I actually thought was inaccurate. I, too, had great appreciation for the lower half of her ensemble, but in my opinion boyfriend jeans are all slouchy and what not.
I did, however, have the perfect pair of pants to transform into these beauties and *they* were indeed boyfriend jeans. I bought them nearly two years ago and was completely enamored with them in the store. Generally I believe in trying clothes on pre-purchase. In fact, I *always* try them on before I buy them, so I have to assume that I bought them in spite of their appearance.
I'll save you from being exposed to the "before" picture of what these looked like on it. It was not pretty. Not at all.
Every single time I went to wear them, I had the same thought. These would look much better on my best friend.
Stephanie was *made* for boyfriend jeans, and all things adorable and androgynous. It's a gift.
I have a rather curvy bum for my petite frame... so I just look bizarre. It was all easily solved when I came across this pin, though! A little alteration (extremely simple- even for beginners!) and these are totally wearable now!

(1) Measure it. Optional. I just guestimated, because that's how I roll. Either put them on inside out and have someone pin the excess material OR put them on and pinch them to see how much needs to go. Be sure to pinch in multiple places- you may need two inches at the inner thighs but only 1 inch at the knees. A good rule would be to pinch at the crotch area, the mid-thigh, the knee, and the calve.
(2) Pin it. Place pins along inseam, taper out from crotch and run all the way down to the end based on your numbers from pinching. You can skip this step if someone pinned for you while you wore them. I left them a little looser at the bottoms so I could achieve the rolled look still. I think the roll at the bottom is what prompted the "boyfriend" label.
(3) Stitch it. Run a tight-ish zig zag stitch all along the jeans. I start at the crotch and back stitch first (running the machine in reverse, it's like tying a knot in sewing world) and then taper the stitch out to the pins. Run it down to the bottom and back stitch again at the bottom. Try them on to see if you need them to be tighter/looser. If they need to be looser, cut the stitch with a seam ripper and give it another go! When you're satisfied, cut away the excess material.
(4) Wear it. I paired them with all kinds of items... but those brown shoes were in bad shape. I was very struck by their appearance when we went out to take pictures... as you can see. They were super distracting. My mom made that headpiece for our wedding rehearsal. I love it. Maybe it'll be a tutorial some day.

Ok, well I have a crazy busy day... so I'm off! Hoping to get it all done today so that I can take a walk with my sweet boy in the evening. Spring, summer and fall were made for taking walks in the evening with lovers. Winter was made for death. 
I hate winter.
Have a wonderful day- special birthday wishes go out to my sister-cousin, Kimberly! I've always called her sister-cousin because I love her so much. We spent a lot of time together as children. For a long, long time she, my brother and I were the only grandchildren and we bonded really well. We didn't get another grandchild after me for an entire decade (Holla, Kristen!). SO- happy birthday, K! I love you to pieces and will always appreciate how you have spoken into and encouraged my life.
All the best, and as always, thanks for reading. 


  1. These are so cute! But seeing as I've used a sewing machine twice in my life - I'm a little nervous to try! Haha!

    Great meeting you at the blog meeting! By the way, added your blog on my list for the Reader Appreciation Award, check it out if you are interested in joining the fun! :)

    1. Beth- you got this! It's so easy, and if you mess up it just takes a few minutes with a seam ripper to go back to the beginning.
      it was DEFINITELY good to meet you! Thanks so much for the RAA, i've never heard of it so I'll have to check it out! <3

  2. Such a great blog!!! I love it!

    Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

    Lots of love,

    1. Beautiful name, Nicoleta! Sounds like a plan :)

  3. The jeans are awesome and you look super cool in them! Nothing wrong with your figure at all lady!

    But YES please do a tute for the headband! It's gorgeous! I'm about to make some bridesmaids dresses for my Etsy shop and that headband would be a perfect accessory! :)
    Tracey x

    1. Thanks, Tracey!!!
      I agree- I think it'd be perfect in your Etsy shop! Maybe I'll have my mom guest-blog it next time we go visit her :)

  4. Auna: You have a great eye for style and design! Just wondering: why did you use a tightish zigzag stitch over a straight stitch? I always like to learn new tips. Thanks! Mary Pat

    1. I have no idea! I have zero formal training. My mom is and my grandma was a fantastic seamstress, so it has all been learning through watching for me. Perhaps I saw my mom favor it?


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