Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Towel Rack to Organizer

I am really having a hard time getting on board with Tuesday. It just doesn't feel like a Tuesday at all, which is throwing me off! Not that it's a bad thing, it's just odd. I feel a little bit twilight zoned today. Does that ever happen to you? On topic. I got an old bathroom set from my boss (thanks, Genny!) who has donated a few things to the cause of "blog". I didn't have a use for a bathroom set, but she knew I'd find a way to reuse it. It was a towel rack + a cabinet. I really loved them both, they were beautifully made. I decided they'd be great as part of my organizational kick this week and have the first installment finished for you today! It's the towel rack! Obviously it was made to hang on the wall, but it's a bit too heavy for my apartment walls, so I decided to flip it over and turn it into a ribbon/craft supply organizer.
Here we go!
(1) Prep it. Here it is originally and in the direction it was meant to face. As I said, I flipped it over to sit on its top so that it wouldn't hang heavily from my apartment walls. I gave it cleaning with a wet rag but didn't sand it or anything. Even though it's laminate, the acrylic paint stayed on just fine.
(2) Paint it. You can't tell but I taped it off to make little striped areas. Then I gave it three coats of acrylic letting it dry between and removed the tape. 
(3) Fill it. Once I was done, I set it on top of a book shelf and stuffed it full of ribbon, glitter, stamps and ink. It's nice because these things were small so I didn't have a good place for them. They were always getting jumbled and lost. Now I know just where they are! AND... since I've moved my ribbon, the old storage area is being used for something entirely new, which I'll show you later this week. It looks a zillion times better.
What's your favorite organizational tip? I need all of the help I can get. It's an interesting time in history; I feel like women are a bit caught in the middle. Expectations have shifted so that we work full-time jobs, but the majority of house work (cooking, cleaning, child-rearing) still depends on us. That's all just a generalization, obviously. Not every woman works full time and not every household is mainly overseen by a woman, but it's fairly common. There's also a huge shift toward DIY and a return to sewing and other skills which were common for women to know in my Grandma's day. I just wonder how things will sort out. In the mean time, my house isn't as organized as I want it to be- so share, please. 
Tomorrow is TATTOO DAY!! I got a tattoo a few months ago and my artist warned me to choose a different color. Alas, I didn't pay attention.... as usual... so he's doing it over in a different color tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. I maintain that white ink rocks, but it didn't work for the location or design I chose. We'll see if I can talk him into doing white ink again in a different location. Heh.
So anyway, happy Tuesday and as always, thanks for reading! 

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