Friday, June 29, 2012

Woodland Dancer Photo Shoot

Forgive me for this much delayed post!
I wrote back in May about my photo shoot with Sharon Miller of Erthtones. I don't even know where to begin when writing about Sharon. She is an incredible person + photographer. One of the kindest, most loving souls I've ever known.
Sharon and I met back in 2009 when she was photographing a massive breast cancer event that my husband was performing at. Back in those days they used to call him 'animal' because he was so insane on the drums. He played them standing on his stool. He played them standing in FRONT of them. He would periodically get up and RUN AROUND STAGE. It was wild! But eventually he calmed down and stayed a little more strapped in.
Anyway, one of their sponsors had mentioned to Sharon that John was getting married (to me *cough, cough*). She took the opportunity of slipping him her business card while he was running around wild which he later turned over to me.
And oh my word.
I fell in love.
One look at her style, eye and treatment... I knew we were a match made in heaven. She began shooting John and I for our engagement session, which someday I'll post pictures of, and eventually became the official photographer for my husband's band (which he is no longer part of, but she is still their photog!). We became friends and every now and then I have the pleasure of sitting for her to help bring her genius ideas to life.
This is one of those times. Now, I'm not the best ballerina... though I'm working hard to get better every day. So you'll have to excuse my form. This was the first time I've done a ballerina inspired shoot and oh my word... way harder than class. Holding my position for long periods of time was really difficult, so sometimes you can see that I cheated for the sake of stability.
So forget my form and check out how incredible Sharon is!
After a while, I took off my tutu and slipped into this floaty little dress for some pictures along the water. Sharon absolutely loves nature and is wonderful at capturing the beauty of her environment. I love how she plays with light and changes her shot to get not only the most out of her subject, but also the scenery. 
And she always gets a few shots of John whenever we're together. She has a hilarious picture of John carrying my giant pink performance tutu around, but I love him too much to publicly share it, even though it's a gem! Haha!
This last one is another favorite. I love the hazy treatment. Sometimes I'll see the same picture processed three different ways and I can never tell which I like best. Sharon is amazing. She isn't afraid to try new (or weird) concepts. I absolutely love that. She loves to spice everything up. There's no such thing as a boring shoot with Sharon!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Sharon shoots live action, talent, special events, families (really anything) with a sort of brilliance and uniqueness that can't be found elsewhere. She shines brightest when capturing life, though. She has an excellent understanding of life. I always adore working with Sharon, and I constantly check her facebook page to see what latest gorgeous photograph she has cooked up. Feel free to check it out as well, you won't be disappointed. 
And now- I'm off to celebrate the weekend! I didn't get nearly half as much done as I thought I would on my staycation. Mostly because I got that tattoo on Wednesday, and since it was my hand, I haven't been doing much of the cleaning or organizing I intended to do. Silly me. I can't believe we're already to another weekend, but here it is! I hope it treats you well, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. You are just SO beautiful! The pictures are gorgeous.

    1. It's all Sharon- she is a brilliant photographer!

  2. You are right. Sharon IS an amazing person and photographer. And you are a beautiful and graceful subject. Love the images, and the background story. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, Auna. But you get credit for this shoot, too. You're a natural stylist, your're beautiful, and you make every photo shoot a piece of cake whether you're in the picture or stylin' the shot like you did with John at his last shoot.

  4. WOW your photos are absolutely stunning. Incredible. Yes your photographer did a great job, but you did fantastic as well!


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