Monday, July 16, 2012

A Ballooning We Shall Go

Did everyone have a great weekend? I'm really sorry about Friday's post. It just didn't happen. I was going to use it today instead, but since the Natural Product review series is coming up so soon, I decided just to add it into that.
So this weekend we went to visit my husband's family in the Cinci area. There was an annual Balloon Festival going on and while we didn't get to see the actual launch (thanks for that, high wind) the festival was tons of fun.
And hey- we ate funnel cake.
At the end of the night there was a laser light show and also a balloon glow where a few of the competing balloons (it's a weekend long race) are illuminated while being tethered to the ground.
I couldn't believe how beautiful the balloons were, lit from within, in the dusk of the evening. So lovely.
My favorite was this red one.
John has two young nephews and they LOVED it! They kept asking me to "take a picture" of pretty much every angle possible. Maybe some day they'll grow up to be photographers.
One of the companies was owned by a very kind man. Our nephews "chased" his balloon the day before and helped him fold up and stow away his balloon after it landed. They were so excited that he remembered them the next day and he even let them climb into his basket for a picture.
They also had parachuters/sky divers jumping out of a plane every hour, on the hour. Poor guys- they had a little roped off area that they were supposed to land in ... buttt... the wind was so high that I'm pretty sure they only ended up in the area once. Maybe twice. We kept looking up to see them drifting all over the sky and way behind the tree line. The last time they jumped with American flags, it was beautiful. Oh... wait? They jumped at night and used flares so that we could see where they were. That was cool, too.
We had on-going Native American representation who did a series of rain dances. I, for one, hold them personally responsible for the fact that the weather (read: rain + wind + storms on the horizon) wasn't suitable for the balloon festival. Note to core team: next time don't have rain dancing.
Have you ever seen these live statues? Get me every time. This was the first time I've seen a female, though. She was wonderful. I'm pretty sure my brain would explode if I had to be still (...and quiet) for such lengthy periods of time.
All of the family fun time meant zero time for creating this week. That means I'm a little behind, but promise to be back tomorrow with goodness. Facebook fans weighed in and we'll be having a marriage series later this week! My husband and I are both trained in marriage counseling (he more than myself), courtesy of our trade, and we're passionate about healthy marriages. We'd love to share a little bit with you! I imagine it would be beneficial to anyone in a serious relationship, though, and also for people who would like to be some day. I'll get into more during the actual series, but stay tuned! Next week will be the organic series and we still have our Downton Abbey inspired fashion DIY series coming up too! It's the summer of series, apparently.
I hope your Monday was lovely and your weekend left you refreshed! Have a great evening and as always, thanks for reading!

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