Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Glitter Makeovers

I'm in a glittery mood.
This afternoon I glittered thumbtacks, a vase + part of a gorgeous mirror... all using the same method.
Did you know you can glitter basically anything? No? Let me school you, yo'.
You'll need....
Glue (Elmer's, craft, modpodge... anything that dries clear)
Paint brush
Masking or painters tape (optional)
Krylon Clear Glaze
I got these from Michaels and I LOVE them- except for the dark pink + blue ones. The flowers weren't as pretty.  Sooo... let's glitter.
I got this for free at a garage sale! I loved it too much to glitter it entirely, but I did add some glitter accents.
It's so easy. Just follow these steps for basically any item.
1) Tape it. If you want clean lines, tape off the section being glittered.
2) Glue it. Apply glue to the areas being glittered, a section at a time so that the glue doesn't dry.
3) Glitter it. POUR your glitter on with a heavy hand, count to thirty and dump it off on to a piece of paper. Fold the paper into a funnel and shake the excess glitter back into its canister.

4) Dry it. Allow the glue to thoroughly dry.
5) Seal it. Spray a coat of the clear glaze on top of the glitter. I skipped this part for the mirror because I Didn't want the rest of the frame to be glossy. Also, remember to cover up anything that you don't want the clear spray to get on. Let it dry thoroughly as well, before removing tape or using.

** some people mix modpodge + glitter together and then sparkle all at once. I don't prefer this because the modpodge dulls down some of the sparkle of the glitter. It's an option, though.
Ta da! Now go glitter your house. Picture frames, lamp shades, shoes, old books, vases, shelves, drawers, table legs... the sky is the limit. Ps- please don't omit the Krylon Clear Glaze. I see a lot of "glitter tutorials" floating around, but if you don't seal it, you're just going to have a very temporary and messy effect.
Super short post today. I haven't done anything crafty in a while, so I wanted to sit down and CREATE something this afternoon! And hey- it took about 20 minutes. Sooo... get out there people ;)
Tomorrow is the weekend! I hope you've had a great day. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading.

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