Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY Nail Stencils + Tangled Inspired Manicure

SO if you haven't heard, we're doing a two-part money/budget series on Thursday and Friday. I was going to start the series today, but I didn't want it to be split up due to the holiday tomorrow. That means you'll get a bonus post today! The budget series (one part practical and one part philosophical) will start Thursday.
I've been really into nails lately. I've never worn a ton of nail polish on my fingers, but I've discovered some healthier choices that really made me dig colored nails! Lately I keep changing it up, and I'll be sure to tell you all about my toxin-free nail polish adventures with the natural + organic product post coming later this month.
John and I were cruising the aisles of Michael's last month when I saw this star burst punch. I immediately thought of Tangled (second greatest Disney film of all time. I will fight you to the death on that). I decided to turn it into a manicure because I couldn't think of any other use for the tiny punch.
Hence, I created my own nail stencils using tape + punches from the store. You can see a TUTORIAL HERE if you'd like further instructions. I googled it and someone had already done it, so instead of doubling up, check out her page. Blogger love.
This punch was only $1! Holla! I thought it would be perfect for a little girl (or big girl!) who loves Tangled as much as I do. I got a heart, too! So cute!
I have a fun post scheduled for tomorrow. It involves more (simple) manicure greatness + a fun little headpiece for the 4th. I hope you're getting those sparklers ready to celebrate the beauty of our country! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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