Monday, July 2, 2012


We're back to a new week, people! And for me, that means the end of my fantastic 'staycation'. If you're wondering why in the world people would ever take a staycation, it's a great idea! Obviously, it's free, but there are other perks. You can laze around in the comfort of your own home, get things cleaned + organized that you never have time to accomplish plus I guarantee your area has all kinds of goodies you've never discovered.
I had an awesome time and was off for the whole week from 2 out of 3 jobs. In case you didn't know, this is my 2nd job :) I do in fact get paid to blog, it's a dream job that I'd love to do full time. There is SO much that I want to do but haven't got the time for with 2 other jobs. Thanks to AWESOME readers like you, though, that dream is daily becoming more and more of a reality. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. That's why I give away a prize to FACEBOOK fans every month, it's just my way of giving back to the BEST readers in the world! Speaking of which, I'll announce this month's winner below :)
Anyway, I wasn't too sad at all for the staycation to come to an end. I don't talk about my first job because it involves minors, but I was happy to go back.
This weekend for us involved a family reunion! My mom's family is HUGE. There are literally zillions of them, mostly women. We hung out at the lake on Saturday with the vast majority and it was a blast! My grandma + her sisters plus their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren made for a MASSIVE group.
This is my mom chatting with my great-aunt Carol and two of my aunts. My mom's family includes 5 girls. Ahhhhhh! 
This is my great-uncle Paul hanging out with my dad. In the background you can see my great-uncle Bob + my second cousin, Doug.
This is the cooler set of my fab cousin, Kimberly. I didn't know that Igloo made bright pink carriers! Oh man. I need one. And hey- love the matching bake-and-takes. She made these amazing mint oreo truffle ball goodness. Ahh. I have to get the recipe and share it. 
Lastly, we went to the fireworks at my Grandparents house. Every year the lake they live on puts on a fantastic show. John and I watched from the comfort of my parents' car. Most people watch from their boats on the middle of the lake, which is gorgeous. Our clan is far too massive for all of us to get on the boat though and I don't mind being in the car at all! We were joined halfway through by my super sleepy niece. For the record, it's really hard to take pictures of fireworks. Lesson learned.
This is the finale, you can see the top of my Sweet Pea's head and part of the car. I didn't get close enough to the window! 
And that's about it for the weekend! I hope yours was fantastic. 
Ready for the winner? This month (and all summer long!) I'll be giving away DIY beach wraps (original or halter, depending on fabric availability). The first winner was drawn today (which is actually Sunday, the 1st) and it was Ms. KELLY COURSEY PAQUET! Congratulations, Kelly! Please check your "other" messages on facebook for message from  me. That reminds me, I need to mail out the prizes from April + May still. The post office here keeps awful hours, I can never get there when it's open! Have a great day everyone. Based on overwhelming facebook feedback, we'll be doing a bit of budget/money series this week. So stay tuned to learn about saving cash, baby! If you ever have any requests for a blog, please let me know! Oh, and hey... as always, thanks for reading!


  1. If blogging is one job, what are the other two? I haven't been able to figure it out from the entries I've read.

    Also, since I told you I'd let you know--the ballet piece I got to do with my theatre group went over really well! (:

    1. Katie- i was actually expecting your last comment to be about your piece! I thought maybe you had forgotten :) I'm glad to hear it went well- I bet you were gorgeous!

      I nanny about 50 hours per week and then I also work at Victoria's Secret :)


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