Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Natural + Organic Product Review, Part 2: Body + Household Products

(Part one here)
I try to watch the numbers/stats to see what you lovely, wonderful, kind + encouraging readers like to see on 'la vie' ... well, apparently natural beauty isn't one of those things! hah!
So I've decided to cut the series down to 2 days instead of three and combine body products with household products. I love hearing what you're interested in seeing on the blog, so please never stop telling me! Without further ado, let's finish out the series, people.


Sunscreen: This is actually a really important issue right now. We're finding that commercial sunscreens are so full of chemicals that they're as bad as going without long-term. I really suggest finding a natural sunscreen! Good options include BADGER's entire line which scores very highly with EWG (click that link if you want to see other great options OR how your current sunscreen ranks) as well as True Natural Cosmetics.  One to skip? Kiss My Face Sun Spray- the company is great at green washing and appears to be natural, but it has a not-so-great EWG score, and I've been using it all summer.

Moisturizing Sunscreen (Faces): the very best is Devita. I'll die on that hill. She has a great moisturizing, daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30 that won't clog your pores and will keep your skin in great condition, year after year. A moisturizer to skip is Faerie Organics tinted moisturizer. Bad idea. I tried it for a short while but it broke my skin out! Also, the "tint" is so invisible that it may as well not be there (I did half my face for comparison and couldn't see a difference). Lastly, the sun protection must be small because the description is very vague about how much SPF you're getting.

Facewash: I really like THIS PRODUCT from The Soap Works. I did a POST about customizing it to your skin. It's very gentle and so pure that I can't imagine it irritating anyone. Skip Say Yes to Tomatoes. I tried a few of their washes (which aren't entirely natural) and they did very bad things to my skin. Same thing for Neutrogena's new line of "natural" facial products. Those are hilarious to me because there's a disclaimer on back saying that it was made as natural as possible and that all synthetics/chemicals remaining in the product were absolutely necessary... but one of the ingredients is fragrance? Since when is fragrance absolutely necessary to the performance of a product? Silly.

Sunless tanner: I am so pale. Let's get it out there. I've been called "Casper" more than more in my day. But I have good reason to avoid exposure to the sun (extreme amounts of dangerous moles. I currenly have *4* waiting to come off and it's so expensive!) and I don't like chemicals in regular sunless tanners. Let's talk about the spray from Lavera. Oh my word. The link I used is for a 2 pack on clearance for $15, go in on it with a friend! They expire in October, but the site says they're good for about 6 months afterwards. This stuff is awesome. It soaks in really quickly and leaves the best tan! I just reapply daily til I get the color I want and then maintain it as necessary. It looks extremely natural, too. My upper body is quite tanned at the moment (despite daily sunscreen use! I'm 1/2 Mediterranean) and when I hold my arm next to my leg (where the fake tanner is used) the colors are nearly identical. Yessss!

Moisturizer: I think the best option is to rub in either jojoba oil, coconut oil or glycerin as needed. But- if I can't talk you into a DIY then try something like The Naked Bee which has a nice hand and body lotion. I dislike the scent (it's too much for me) but it works really well.

Shaving Cream: I used a bar from Spa Therapy Works that is amazing. You can get various scents (for men as well) but I use the chocolate hazelnut. So delicious. The bar lathers nicely and lasts a long time. Plus it really isn't drying at all.

Eye Makeup Remover: A Q-tip dipped in jojoba oil will remove eye makeup from around your delicate eye area while moisturizing it at the same time. Please, please use this!

Shampoo: This was tough. I didn't like anything I tried because they were all hard to lather and left a film (except Say Yes to Tomatoes which wasn't entirely natural). I used Paul Penders, Renpure + Organix. I didn't love any of them. I think going shampoo free and using the BAKING SODA method is the way to go.

Body Wash: You could technically use the same soap I listed above for faces on your body, too, but another good option is Perfectly Posh. I like their chunk bars.

Deodorant: Let's get it out there. Natural deodorant literally sinks. Literally. I've tried two different kinds from Tom's, both to no avail, as well as several others and hated them all. I honestly think the DIY is best! If you'd prefer to buy one, my best friend has always said good things about this kitchen deodorant  from Soap Walla.


All purpose cleaner: A spray bottle with vinegar + hot water is about the best all purpose cleaner on earth. Let's just get it out there. But I've heard of people steeping orange rinds in the cleaner for a week before using to give it an extra oomph + lovely scent. I've never tried it, but there's a TUTORIAL here. 

Dish washing soap: Seventh Generation makes a great natural soap for washing dishes by hand OR adding to DIY household cleaners. 

Dish washer detergent: If you don't want to use a DIY for your dishwasher, consider Seventh Generation again. They carry a great pod-form of detergent that is safe for your dishwasher. The DIY and pod from Seventh Generation work about the same. 

Laundry soap: I *really* recommend the DIY, but you can basically get any laundry soap you want from shops like Etsy or even Farmers Markets. Whether powder or liquid, they pretty much all follow the exact same pattern. 

Floor cleaner: I have tested this recipe and it works really well! Instead of spraying it on or putting it in a swiffer jet, I used mine in a bucket with a mop. Give it a try. I've also heard that it's a great all-purpose cleaner as well
Here's a link to a few different natural DIY cleaners, too. 

Keeping a home that uses natural products is a big deal to me. I don't like the idea that we slather so many chemicals on ourselves each day in "the name of beauty". It's silly. There are plenty of ways to get the same results naturally and generally at a lower cost. As for our homes, think about it... the residue on your dishes can easily end up in your stomach, do you want to be ingesting that? Same for what we spray on our counters. That being said, one of my favorite things to say is that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe. Hemlock is natural. Haha! But paying attention to what we are using does make a difference. Here's to a healthier you!
It's mid-week and I hope you've been treated well thus far! As for 'la vie', we'll finish out the week with some more super easy summer projects. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! (part one here)


  1. I've read about the baking soda hair option but have been nervous to do it. Is this what you use?

    1. Becky, allow me to refer you to my friend, Meghan, of Split the Lark who has not washed her hair with anything but baking soda *for as long as I've known her* ... she has much thicker hair than I have and it always looks amazing!


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