Monday, August 27, 2012

T-shirt Hack

So, last week I pinned the most adorable shirt on Pinterest. It was clearly ballet themed, flowing and perfect. However, the pin didn't lead back to a place to purchase it and that meant I'd need to make my own.
So I did.
It turned out a lot better than I expected and I'll give you the step-by-step to make this (two different ways). I also decided to research the shirt until I found a place to purchase it- and I did! You can get it HERE if you live in Australia (and the proceeds go to the Australian Ballet, so that's pretty awesome).
You can use this tutorial to create any sort of shirt, obviously. Whenever I use a freezer paper transfer, I follow THIS tutorial, so if you've never done it before, then go there and read the full how-to. If you need a refresher course, see below. You can also use THIS TUTORIAL that I found yesterday and looks amazing. It also uses freezer paper but doesn't require any x-acto knifing and seems much, much easier. My only concern is that it wouldn't survive the wash. So stay tuned and I'll test it :)
To follow the original tutorial, you'll need scissors, freezer paper, an x-acto knife and fabric paint + paint brush. I used the new boyfriend tee from PINK, which you can get 2/$28. I really like the shape + fabric. I'd like to get a few more!
(1) Trace it. Since I needed the words to be in a straight line and well spaced, I traced printer paper on to my freezer paper and then cut it out. If you're going to follow the second tutorial, this is perfect since the freezer paper will be going through an ink jet printer.
(2) Cut it. I printed my design off from the computer (I used Calibri Bold as the font) and made it on using regular old PowerPoint for Mac. Whatever, don't judge the method. It worked. Then I placed my freezer paper on top of the printer paper (waxy side down), paper clipped it in place and cut out the letters with an x-acto knife.
(3) Iron it. I ironed everything in place, adding back in the little inside pieces of the letters after the main part of the design was down (seriously, read the original tutorial if you've never done this before!). I lined up the edges, too, so that the lettering would be correctly in place.
(4) Paint it. Use fabric paint and a brush to fill it in. You'll need to heat set your fabric paint according to the manufacturer directions. Also, place a bit of waxed paper or some other GLOSSY surface so that the paint doesn't bleed through. The original tutorial calls for cardboard, but my paint stuck to that it was a *pain* to get the shirt off. We sacrificed some major shirt fibers in the end. You may need a few coats, also. I think I needed three. After the paint dries, just peel the paper off.
I love it. I wore it that very same day to go see my family.
This is right near the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner. Ps- I got asked if I was going to prom at our rehearsal dinner. I was like ... 25. And also, it was October. There is no prom in October. And unless they're chaperoning, there shouldn't be 25 year old adults, either.
We went to go see my brother's band play. He used to always have a band in college, but he got out of the habit as he got older. They are officially back together and ready to have some fun! It was awesome to see him singing on stage again, I was one proud little sister. The only bummer was the big red light they had shining on him, it made it impossible to get a good picture. Bah. Anyway, the guys are better than they ever were and it's exciting to see them doing their thing. 
Also, my 4th charge came into the world this weekend! Wow! It is so exciting. I don't say much about all of that because they are minors, but congratulations go out to his family. He is absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to be part of this growing family!
I have so much for this week and it's already done and finished. For the record, it is hard to sit on projects once they're finished! I just want to post them all. I hope Monday is treating you well! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I know this is a bit delayed, But the shirt was part of the Australian Ballet's collaboration with Chip Chop I love your version and will be creating my own, as a poor ballet student, the $50 t-shirt is a bit pricey

    1. And that's not including shipping- yikes!! Good luck, lady! And best wishes in your ballet endeavors! I have *tons* of ballet refashions to make clothes for class, so check them out!

  2. When I saw that shirt ages ago, I was just like "I need this shirt" and then I saw the price tag.
    Thanks for posting this! I will definitely be making your version of this sometime during the summer (when exams are over)!


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