Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chalkboard in the Kitchen+ Biggby (C)update.

Who here loves chalkboard paint?! Me too. It's really overdone though and is high-ranking on my "do not use" list. Pinterest is awesome and I would *never* dispute that, but it is also responsible for giving trends a much quicker life cycle. As in, it beats them until they are beyond dead and should have been in the ground and buried a long, long time ago.
What other things does my list include?
Nutella. This is a real shame because of my time in Germany. It hurts to hate on Nutella, but come on. It's time to let it go, people.
Chevron. I had a talk with Steph about this the other day. An entire company was built on that pattern and functioned successfully for decades, only for Pinterest to come along and destroy it in a few months.
Burlap. Enough said.
The word "clever". I used to really like that word. Now it annoys me. 
"How clever is this?!"
"She is so clever!"
"What a clever idea"
"Ah... [insert tip here}] ... very clever."
You get the idea. Chalkboard paint is also on the list because it has been used for *everything*, so I won't pretend that this is groundbreaking, but here are a couple of projects I updated with chalkboard paint this week. It really *is* useful for getting organized! Especially in the kitchen. My friend, Meghan, from SPLIT THE LARK gave me some awesome jars with chalkboard labels on them before moving to Alaska. They're super cute. And when you change the contents (flour, noodles, seeds) to something else, it's easily re-labeled. Also good for dating things like flour, sugar, etc. so that they don't exceed their shelf life. You can easily make those using this method.
Personally, I felt the need to chalkboard label my two misto cans. I love these because you can fill them with any sort of oil and use it in place of the aerosol versions (highly unnatural...) sold in the store. They're great to cook with, too, so that you don't overload food with oil. However, I often get mixed up with which one has olive oil (cooking) and which one has canola or sunflower oil (baking). Let me tell you, as awesome as olive oil is on bread... it isn't so yummy on cupcakes. It's always really disappointing when I spray cookie sheets or cake pans with olive oil on accident. You'd think the color differences would help, but I just always forget.
(1) Clean it. Wipe down and clean the oil containers, I used rubbing alcohol + cotton balls to get them totally grease-free. You want the paint to adhere easily. 
(2) Tape it. tape off the area that you want painted to give yourself nice, clean lines.
(3) Paint it. It took probably 5-6 coats to get good coverage. Let's just get it out there- your first coat *will* be pathetic. Don't despair. Just keep building on each coat and allowing them to dry for an hour in between. I didn't have chalk, so that's definitely a font written over the chalkboard area, but you get the idea :)
Next up is my beloved Biggby (C)update. I love Biggby. It's our favorite coffee haunt and we go there every week to use our coupons. Biggby date night is sacred to us. John especially loves Biggby and starts thinking about what flavor he will order as soon as he wakes up that day. If not the night before! We got these BPA reusable cups from Biggby for our iced lattes. I figured that they would be a little better than using the disposable plastic cups every week. I have a serious hatred of plastic. We have some ceramic ones for our hot drinks, too. I'm slightly paranoid. 
I chalked them up, too, so that we can label them with our names OR the flavor of the coffee. Often we share coffee, but sometimes we can't. I have serious issues with dairy and have to order soy (which I'm also allergic to, but the reaction isn't as bad). And, John can drink caffeine any time of day without issue. I will absolutely not be sleeping if that stuff gets in my veins after 10 am. So. Here we are. 
I followed the same steps as above. Once you tape off your area (I wish I had made mine much, much larger for the record. Take that into consideration), you may want to lightly rub a piece of sandpaper on the edge to get just a smallest bit of grip for your paint to stick to. Really, don't go crazy or you'll end up putting a hole in the cup. Just the lightest touch, please! Again, this took about 5-6 coats to get great coverage but it was worth the wait. Also, you may notice that I tried mixing glitter into the chalk paint to see what would happen. Big mistake. Don't do that :)
Here's the front and back finished. I can't wait to use these bad boys!
Are you ready for the official end of summer? I'm pretty sad, personally. I absolutely *love* fall, but I don't love winter. At all. We're mortal enemies. I hope your weekend is fabulous and fun and gives one last BIG hurrah for Summer :) All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 


  1. I've never commented on your blog and I'm a stranger that found you on the internet I-don't-know-how, but anyway:

    1. The overwhelming number of mustaches on pinterest (and etsy) also make me want to scream. And that trend doesn't even make sense to me. At least chevrons look cool and nutella is delicious and chalkboards are handy.

    2. I'm from Minnesota but went to grad school in Ann Arbor and I'm in love with Biggby! It was my favorite place to drink coffee and study when I lived there. I had that exact coffee cup and it was my favorite - cute and the lid stays on so nicely! I left it at the office one night and it's been gone ever since - I think one of the cleaning people threw it out because it looks so much like a regular take-out cup. Sad, sad day.

    Love your blog - always something interesting to read!

    1. Strangers comment all the time- you should comment more often!!!
      I *can't believe* I forgot about the mustaches.. those are also extremely annoying. SO glad you understand!
      YAY! SOOO glad you love Biggby! Yeah, girl! You have good taste :) They sell the cups online- you should get another! What a shame yours was lost by the wayside :/
      Thanks for reading, Sarah!

  2. When I see a trend on Pinterest I already know it's going to be over soon or already is. I thought chevron would end a long time ago - but it's still going strong on lots of blogs. My favorite place to look for anti-trends? I also so don't get the mustache trend. I still use the word clever because I haven't thought up an alternative - but you are so right there too!

    1. I think Chevron will be on blogs for a long, long time... *but* it's out of style. Big ticket names have already given it the ax. It's like bad 80's hair, so gone- and yet... I still see people sporting those awful bangs + perms! HAHAHA!
      I haven't seen regretsy, I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the tip, lady!
      And yes- I'm guilty of using "clever" now and then, too... but I definitely cringe every time! haha! If you come up with a good alternative, let me know!


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