Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY Lamp Overhaul + July Winner

Late, late, late. That is my battle cry for this week.
So this project was ... interesting. It started out at as an entirely metallic iHome. We were given this lamp/iPod player by my super cool pops and have been using it in our bedroom where it didn't exactly fit in.
The metallic was cool and would have been great for a modern decor/industrial look, but it didn't match the breezy, flowing feel of our bedroom. I decided to redo it yesterday and I'm half-pleased with the results. I liked where I was headed, but then in true auna-fashion, I took it took it too far. Do you ever do that? You *know* you should quit while you're ahead but just can't bring yourself to it? Yeah, that's me. So I kept painting when I should have stopped. But it's still an improvement and looks much better in our bedroom. I'll probably go back and alter it another day. Here's what I did...
I started with the lamp, cleaned it off and set it on top of a work station (ahem... that would be an old magazine on our coffee table. God forbid I actually use the craft table in my creating room).
Then I attacked the lampshade with acrylic paint. This is after the first coat- two coats did the job quite nicely.
Then I sharpie'd the tar out of it (click here for a tutorial). I wish I had used brown sharpie instead, that would have matched our room much better. Also, I wish I had written in larger letters- I was worried there wouldn't be enough room. Wrong. Haha! You could pretty much fit an entire children's book on the lampshade if you wrote in this font- which is an adorable idea for a nursery or child's room. You could write out their (your) favorite storybook. I wrote lines from my favorite French book. I made a lot of mistakes. Sharpie is rough. There are no second chances. After that, I decided I wanted to make the shade and base more cohesive, so I painted the bottom of the base in the same shade. Then I took it too far and decided to paint the top part white.
Ha. Big mistake.
Three coats later it looked a little better than it did here.
Lastly I thought I'd modpodge on some fabric cutouts to the sides of the base. Also a mistake. The fabric was a thick duck cloth an the base is so rounded. It wouldn't stay down very well. It would work with a more angular piece, though.
Ready for the July Beach Cover up winner?! It's Kayla Morgan! Congratulations, Kayla! Please check your "other" message folder on facebook for a message from me. If you want to get in on the monthly giveaway, you only need to be a FACEBOOK fan. I'm considering changing up the rules for August and adding in an extra prize, so stay tuned while that gets worked out in my brain.
That's all from me for the night, so as always I wish you the best and thanks for reading!


  1. Aundrea, I love the picture of you and John with your certificate. You both look so happy but John is beaming :) P.S. I love this idea! I'm totally stealing this

    1. A very rare glimpse into our actual elopement :) I'm glad you love it- and please steal it and then show me your final product! I like posting what other people did :)

  2. I'm going to ring my own bell for a moment and be proud for recognizing the text of the best part of le Petit Prince from the pictures. Good choice. :)

    Also, I really like the lamp with the top painted white. It's lovely.

    1. Katie- anyone who recognizes LPP can ring any and all bells in my book. Also, let's get it out there: ballet, french, lpp... basically we're friend soul mates. <3


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