Thursday, August 16, 2012

Easy Apron Refashion

Super easy... no intro required. I've had this apron forever, but have never used it. It was a gift, and I love the color scheme and pattern, but it just wasn't as girly as the rest of my aprons. If you've never seen my collection- it's pretty intense. I'll have to add a link. I love aprons, it's really an addiction.
Anyway- I wanted to girl it up, so that's what happened today. It was super easy. All you'll need are...
A plate
A CD/roll of duct tape/other circular stencil
Sewing machine OR fray check (or both, if you're me).

(1) Stencil it. For the top of the apron, I placed the plate on the back side and traced the edge, then repeated on the second half. For the bottom, I used a roll of duct tape all across.

(2) Cut it. Cut out the edges, it's best if you cut off all of the sharpie markings. Wish I had done that.

(3) Sew it. If you're using a sewing machine, run the newly cut edges through the machine using a STRAIGHT STITCH. I'm so bummed. I started using a zigzag without paying attention and only now is the thought occurring to me that I simply could have used a seam ripper and started again. Oh well. Use a straight stitch. If you sew, remember that the fabric will fray up until the point of the stitch. Keep that in mind depending on how much of a fray you'd like.

(4) Check it. If you want to skip sewing or don't want your apron to fray, simply apply Fray Check to the edges. I actually sewed it AND used fray check.
Done! I actually saw a friend today who mentioned that she is using grey + yellow for the color scheme of her home. My home is done in those colors, too (hence this apron as a gift), but I think I'm going to give this apron to her. I have a zillion and it seems like a cute house warming gift! I love the look of an apron on a hook, yo'.
That's all from me today, short and sweet! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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