Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glittered Glasses Refashion

I love these.
Have you heard of craftgawker? It's like Pinterest, only moderated. Everything has be to submitted and then put through a process before being accepted and featured. Anyway, I like it, and while browsing craftgawker I saw THESE incredible shell bead sunglasses.
So cute.
Anyway, I loved the look but I didn't have shell beads on hand so I couldn't make them. So I made my own version with glitter (of course) instead. The tutorial is different between the two, so don't use her method for glitter or mine for shell beads :)
I used an older pair of mega-huge shades and got to work. Ready? Here we go.
(1) Clean it. It's easier to work with clean shades, so take a bottle of rubbing alcohol + cotton balls and go to work. After you're done, (carefully) pop the lenses out and set them aside. 
(2) Tape it. I wanted really clean lines and also to protect the rest of the glasses from the finishing treatment, so I taped off the sections I wasn't going to glitter. If you want to glitter the whole frame, skip this step.
(3) Glitter it. I used a mix of mod podge + glitter that you can paint on with a brush, but I really dislike that method. I don't think you get even (or even full) coverage that way. It stinks. My method is to take your glue (crafters, mod podge, etc.) and brush it on with a paint brush. Then just dump the glitter all over it. Make it nice and saturated. After a minute or so, shake the glasses gently to remove the excess. Allow to dry for a few hours.
(4) Protect it. You don't want all of that awesome glitter coming off, right? Right. So whenever I glitter something, I always follow up with 2-3 coats of Krylon Clear Glaze spray paint. You can see that I put the sides of the glasses into a plastic bag to protect them from getting sprayed. Allow the spray to dry for 24 hours! If you don't you'll get smudges. I was impatient and ended up smudging the right side a bit. 
(5) Rock it. After 24 hours, pop the lenses back in and wear those bad boys! I wish I didn't have to wear prescription glasses, otherwise I'd be in these all the time! Maybe I'll glitter my prescription ones, too :) We'll see!


  1. What a fab idea! I have a pair of sunglasses that could do with a makeover so can't wait to try. :)


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