Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sewing 101: Intro to a Blind Stitch with Sock Monkey!

So I decided that instead of doing a series (we've had *way* too many this summer already) that we'll just do the sewing 101 every now and then. I'll try to do refashions that feature specific sewing issues and then highlight that issue in the refashion. I can try to fit a "sewing" category at the top, too, for easy reference.
Today I want to introduce you to our good friend, Mr. Sock Monkey. Unfortunately he had a run in with two doggies and lost a hand in the fight. This has been very distressing to one of my sweet little charges who has asked me nearly every day if I've brought my "special pink thread" to stitch him back up.
Finally one day I could answer that I had.
I used a basic blind stitch on his woven knit hand it worked out pretty well. The five year old in question was so excited that you couldn't really see the stitch- though I could tell it had been repaired!

Here is another view of his sad little hand before we fixed him up. Completing a blind stitch on this little guy was harder than usual because, A) he is knitted and B) the cut was jagged, not a clean line. Therefore, this one is a little harder to follow. I'll do this again another day on clothing or a pillow so that it's easier. But- if any of you have a toy who needs a repair, this is an accurate depiction, haha.
Also- this was too cute not to share. She held his other hand during "surgery" so that he wouldn't be afraid of the needle. Almost died.
(1) Start it. Choose a thread that is the SAME color as your object. Generally I go with contrasting thread to make it easier, but Sock Monkey needed to be done well, so pink it was! I'll use a contrasting thread color in the next tutorial on blind stitching. Thread your needle and knot the end. Fold your two sides down toward the center- the goal is to make it like a lip shape. You'll sew in the center where the two ends are folded in, creating the blind stitch. 
(2) Stitch it. I like to put my needle into the stitching zone, pop it out the other side and repeat, kind of like a zig zag. I don't actually pull the whole needle through until the entire needle is loaded with material. Then I pull the thread through.
(3) Finish it. Once you've stitched the whole end shut, tie off a knot and call it good. I just looked at the "blind stitch" on one of my throw pillows and discovered just how visible it is. In fact, it doesn't qualify as blind at all. 
My little helper thought shining a flashlight on the finished product would help my camera get a better photo. After I finished Sock Monkey, stuffed animals were practically appearing out of the walls + lining up for repairs. Unfortunately, not all of them could be fixed with pink thread, so they'll have to wait for a later surgery date. 
I thought today was Tuesday since Monday was a no-post day. But it's Wednesday! What?? Time goes by so fast. I hope your week is going well and we'll be back tomorrow! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading! 

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