Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweater Dress Refashion

**edit- if this is too short for you, follow the idea of THIS POST using a second sweater to make it longer**
I'll keep this short because I've done similar refashions before and this one isn't much different.
What separates this one from the others is that I looked for the longest, biggest men's sweater I could find so that it would fit more like a sweater dress and not as slouchy. I left the sleeves alone because super long, comfy sleeves are irresistible to me. I can give you directions for shortening your sleeves, though. Or maybe I'll just bite the bullet and shorten the sleeves on this one. I love long sleeves.

(1) Get it. Start with an over sized sweater. Way over sized. I think this was either an XL or XXL men's sweater from Goodwill. If you found an over sized sweater dress at Goodwill, that would work too- and it would be longer!!
(1) Pin it. Place a sweater that fits you well up top over the sweater dress. Pin along the edges (adding in 1/2 inch for seam allowance), basically you're tracing the old sweater on to the new one.
(3) Stitch it. Run it through your sewing machine, one side at a time. Start at the bottom and sew up and around to the end of the sleeve. I used a tight zigzag. Trim the extra fabric off and you're ready to rock! If you want to shorten your sleeves, just put on the sweater dress and see how much extra you have. Leave a seam allowance (about 1 inch) and cut off the extra. Fold your inch of seam allowance under, pin and stitch with a similarly colored thread.
Wearing a marbled green scarf in front of a bush in the exact same shade? Not my best idea. Hahaha!
I have an actual sweater dress to refashion into something I saw on pinterest, too. I'm pretty excited about that one. It's an old cowl neck sweater dress that I got at Old Navy years ago. The shape is a little too baby doll/little girl, though, and I have a hard time wearing it. Not for long! It seemed really strange to be doing fall-themed refashions, but fall is just around the corner. The day we photographed this it was crazy hot and I was sweating bullets. I have never moved so quickly or cared so much less about getting a good picture. Haha! I hope you have a fantastic day. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Nice job! I'm kinda eyeing the sweaters on my husband's side of the closet now...are they the right size? Only one way to find out haha.
    Thanks for sharing your post :)

    1. I'm glad you're with me! Raiding is always the best option. I'm working on a refashion from a men's sweatshirt into a Calvin Klein rip off for tomorrow!

  2. i love it! great only thing is i am 5"4' 141lbs i would love a sweater dress the idea of getting mens sweater it is not long enough to go to my knees. any help?

    1. Yes no problem! Get a second sweater in a complementary (or contrasting!) color and follow the idea of this post to make it longer :)

  3. I love sweater dress ! Especially budget friendly multiple options that create more fabulous fashion moments!


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