Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zebras + tigers + camels- Oh My!

Guess who forgot to post this yesterday?
Anyway- this past weekend I went to the circus. For the first time. Ever.
It has been a very interesting experiment experience for me to have nieces. It's amazing the things my parents take them to that they didn't take *me* to do.
I'm just saying- Lilah isn't even two yet and she has already been to the circus. I'm in my late twenties, yo'!
Just kidding- I absolutely love my parents and wouldn't trade them for the world. They were (are) so fantastic to us.
They just neglected things like the circus + zoo, which they're much more inclined to be part of with the next generation since they have more free time (that's what I keep telling myself anyway...)
They rectified everything though and took the (almost) whole family to the circus. John had to work out of town this weekend so unfortunately he had to miss. Next time, though, he and I are riding the stinking elephants, ok?
My pictures stink because I was totally unprepared to photograph inside of a dark tent (since this was my first circus experience...). Please forgive. I had to include this because the tigers were hopping on two feet over each other. What?! That's crazy. Also, I'm pretty sure they wanted to eat this guy. And (if they haven't started already) they're going to plot his destruction.
Clowns. I don't love them, but Lilah went insane for them. I've never seen her half that animated in her entire short existence. It was precious.
These chicks, however, mesmerized me. Pretty sure I want to be a trapeze artist now. Is it too late for that pathway in life? What exactly *are* the regulations + standards for joining a circus?
I can't even talk about the cuteness factor of this little zebra. Not sure if he's a baby or just seems extra small because he's always with the camels, but holy cow. Adorable. He pretty much just ran around and followed the camels, stealing my heart the whole time. I loved him. Just tromping along, trying to keep up with the big kids... don't listen to the haters, little zebra... some day you *can* be a camel!
I want to ride elephants. And do cool tricks with them. Did I mention that they played a lullaby and the elephants "went to sleep"? Almost died. Don't care how massive they are- elephants are cute.
Let's end with this dare devil. he felt the need to balance on top of various rolling and unstable objects. Didn't fall once. So baller. Way to go, Pirate Man. You are a rock star.
So anyway- that was my first experience with a circus. I ate cotton candy, that was cool. Well, mostly I fed cotton candy to my nieces, which was also a great experience. I love those little girls to pieces. What do you think? Do clowns freak you out? 
Tomorrow we're heading back to refashions. I bought *the ugliest* dress at a garage sale this weekend (no really- the contributor of this dress shook my hand for buying it) and refashioned it into something much more wearable, so check in for more about that tomorrow! Have great night, people. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. yeah clowns are creep-out-city. I avoid circuses (or is it circi?) for that very reason.

    Glad you guys had fun though!

    1. You've got me- my strategy was to keep calling it "the circus" to avoid a plural, haha! Clowns are pretty terrifying. It was shocking to see my niece so enthralled.


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