Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Custom Phone Covers (and a giveaway!) + I am a hypocrite.

I have to come clean with you, gentle readers.
I am a hypocrite.
My hatred for Apple products is well documented, as is my disdain for their overpriced phones (and DATA PLANS in general). Yet here I sit with a new iPhone. Ah. I hate myself.
Here's what happened. Years ago I became involved with a man who loves Apple. They could produce a literal piece of junk with no purpose what-so-ever that costs $900 and John would *still* find something good to say about it. And he would refuse to speak one word against it.
I cannot claim ignorance about his obsession.
He has desperately, urgently, fiercely wanted an iPhone since their inception. He has schemed and plotted and crunched numbers. He has shown me stats and figures and zillions of uses. He has exploited every traffic issue (well... if we had iPhone we could have rerouted...), every four square deal (oh man! 30% off check in special. Too bad we don't have iPhone) and every app ever created and known to mankind.
And I have held my ground.
But something happened recently. My principles no longer held any water. Our provider axed our plan a long time ago and we knew we would have to change it once our contract expired. And the new data plans aren't much more expensive than what we were paying without data before. Oh- and we had upgrade credits . Oh and the launch of the iPhone 5 now makes a 4s super cheap (cash in that credit) and the 4 free.
Dang. There goes my argument.
I could no longer say "no" to my sweet, loving, wonderful husband (who never said 'no' to the expenses of ballet ...) since it was no longer a financial impossibility.
And so here we are. Please forgive me! If it's of any consequence, I don't even like the phone. The battery life stinks. I miss my old dumb phone. There are obviously perks and I'm sure it will grow on me, but I could give the phone up right now without any twinge of pain.
So... I hope you aren't judging me. It was really a matter of marital love at this point.
Which brings us to the actual blog: I needed a cover. I had to have something really protective because I'm a total klutz and I will *die inside* if this thing cracks. Seriously. I will.
I went on e-bay to order a cover (because for real- they're all a zillion dollars in the store?!). I got one that seemed extremely protective (silicon layer + hard, rubberized shell on top = auna proof) but didn't have the greatest design. It was a white with a colorful leopard pattern. It was just a bit too much for daily use, and after I put it on once, I realized the thing was not easy to get off... sooo... it's staying on.
So we remade it.
You can see right away I took a sharpie to it and added a bow to see what would happen. Ha! It was ok. Here are the actual steps.
(1) Spray it. I wanted to spray paint over my cover, and I did. After two coats I decided to give it one final coat for extra credit. I was very pleased, walked away and when I came back to check on the progress-- oh man. A pile of fall goodness (dirt, leaves... plastic bag pieces?!) had blown into the cover, ruining the paint and just wreaking havoc on my phone. So... I had to discard that one (for now- I'm in the midst of paint-thinning the crap out of it) and use another plastic white cover to finish up the project.
(2) Stencil it. If you're spray painting the cover, allow it to *thoroughly dry* before this part. Create a stencil using custom contact paper + an xacto knife. CLICK HERE for more info on that. I choose a sweet little bow. I used a gold sharpie to fill in the stencil.
(3) Sparkle it. Next, I added some sparkle using nail polish! After everything dries, remove the contact paper. You may find that you need to "touch up" the edges with nail polish remover and a pointed Q-tip.
(4) Seal it. This optional for extra holding power, but you can spray the cover with Krylon Clear Glaze (remove stencil first) to make it extra glossy + strong.
So what's the moral of the story? Get on Ebay. Buy some used or cheap phone covers that are still very protective and then turn them into something you love. 
I also have 4 covers to give away (they fit a 4 or 4s), so "like" the link for this post on facebook for an auto-enter. Usually everyone on facebook is auto entered, but I don't want to pull the names of people who haven't got a compatible phone. They're super cute, sparkly and fun.
That's it for the weekend, people! I hope you have so much fun. See you next week. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Enter me please, I have an Iphone 4.

  2. I'm still behind with a 3 but this is such a cute idea i'm going to replicate!

    1. If you have *any* iPhone, I'd say you're up to date!!! <3 Remember to either use nail polish on top or to seal it with the Krylon, otherwise the sharpie will scrape off.

  3. I tried liking the post on Facebook , but my phone died as it was loading . I was just looking for the post to see if it went through but I can't find it anymore . Could you enter me please ? I have an iPhone 4S .


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