Friday, September 14, 2012

Downton Abbey Style 3: Fashion Roundup

Late, late, late. I totally missed yesterday and now this post is up super late! Sorry everyone. Yesterday got hijacked and there was no way to save it. And then today was spent playing catch up from yesterday! Hopefully next week will go as planned :) But who knows in life?
We're continuing the DAS series and today I just want to hit some highlights about the fashion of the time period and how you can pull some of it into your daily life to ... you know... make things a little more interesting. Personally, I think we should all use the accents but so far no one will join me in my endeavors to sound British.
We still have a little DAS to go after this! Hair, more fashion, you know... good stuff. So read on!
(1) Hats. Attic Paper had a catalog for sale that included this picture of fab hats from 1915. I can't imagine a woman going out without a hat on! Pick one up from an antique or thrift store AND MAKE IT OVER into something as period correct or modern as you dare to be.
image from
(2) Brooches. My girl Meghan from SPLIT THE LARK adores brooches. I remember that very well about her. And the ladies of Downton Abbey? So do they. No need to make them look stuffy, use a brooch to connect a wrap sweater/cardi (as my *extremely* stylish BFF has done), add it to your bag, throw it on the outside of your coat. Thread it through a bobby pin and stick it in your hair, yo!
(3) Lockets + Cameos. It seems like if Lady Mary isn't wearing her usual long strands of beads or pearls, she is wearing this simple little heart locket. Personally, I love lockets. I wear one around my neck that has a picture of my grandparents from their wedding in it- they gave it to me when I was small and I put their pictures in it after my grandfather passed away from cancer last year. I have two others that have pictures of John in them. Bring back the locket!
Cameos have been around for a long, long time but became popular when Queen Victoria started sporting one in the 1800's. Fashion trends didn't change as much then as they do now in our Internet-crazed world, so you can bet that they were still rocking cameos in the early 1900's with fervor.
(4) Gloves.  Short gloves, long gloves, silk... lace... cotton... you will see them all. Gloves were just a part of life then, and I wish they were part of our lives now, too. Can you imagine? We'd have far fewer sun spots + age issues with our hands if they were gloved while outdoors all year round! I say we band together and bring back the most wearable, the sort gloves which end at the wrist, for daily use. Slip on a white pair (which can be found at most antique shops) and you'll instantly feel more like a lady.
image from
(5) Corsets. HAHA. JK. Let's leave those bad boys to period film actresses and Dita Von Tease, Mmmkay?
Image from
(6) Long Strands of Beads + Pearls. If you missed it earlier this week, I POSTED about 7 different vintage wears to wear those long strands of necklaces. The ladies of DA really seem to favor them.
Those are just a few tips for now! There is *so* much more, lace... booties... petticoats, tunics over long skirts... I could go on and on... but I'm out of time! I'll try to get the DAS Hair edition up tomorrow (whoa. Love the hair.), but it may have to roll into next week. Have a great weekend, people! All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!

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