Thursday, September 6, 2012

i like maps. a lot.

Soooo.... does anyone else out there love maps? I have a massive collection + I'm always looking for ways to display them. It's really an obsession.
It started as a child, looking at maps and atlases that belong to my dad (also an avid map lover). We used to drive straight through to see his mom every year from Michigan to Arizona, so he had tons and tons. Clearly, those were the days before GPS systems in cars + Google Maps. Then in middle school I started learning French... and let me tell you, it didn't get any better, it only got worse. That's when the bug for globe trotting set in. At 17 I went on a group trip to Europe and by 18 I was taking solo trips and spending summers there.
Every time I'd go, I'd bring back a map from the country I visited and just memorize it. I'd look to see the cities I had visited and then see how close they were to each other. Then I'd see how close they were to other cities that I had wanted to see and missed (self torture? possibly.). Then I'd break out *another* map for comparison ("ah... I see that Strasbourg is only *** kilos away from Paris. That's like the distance between *** and *** here. Hmmm. I wonder how far they *both* are from London...")
My home is now overrun with maps. Let me be clear: this is not a complaint. Let us review some maps in my home, shall we?
We have this little bitty guy. He lives on my organizational CORK BOARD toward the front of our home. I like to put a pin in EU countries as I visit them, hoping to some day see them all. If I ever conquer the EU, we'll upgrade to a full world map... but that is a long way off. (if you like the sparkly push pin at the top- DIY here)
This ginormous fellow lives on the inside of the door in our amusante/inspiration room. It's Germany. I love Germany. Love it. Really, really love it. So clearly I need to cut a map of it out and affix it to the door. I am so bizarre. But it does help with quick references for those daily yearly inquiries about where different German cities are. ..
And then of course there are just the random maps scattered about the house. I pushed my more traditional maps out of the way (and some fell to the ground, where they remain...) so you could see these totally useless but adorable stylized drawings of Paris, New York and London. Again- completely useless. But super cute.
Is it a little bit shocking that despite my love (and collection) of maps, there's a total lack of cute map art in our home? I think so, too. Instead of doing what someone has already done, I thought I'd spend today giving you a round up of cute map tutorials from other bloggers so that you can join me in mapping up your own living space. Enjoy!
Apartment Therapy- 9 DIYs for souvenir maps - you should just click this. now. 
Of course- you can always just get a thrifted frame, spruce it up with spray paint and then put a map inside. OR you could do your entire wall using THIS WALLPAPER (which is my plan when we finally own a home).
Don't you just want to spend your evening buried in an atlas now? If you need me, I'll be taking on one of these awesome mappy tutorials, finally putting this collection to good use! Have a great day. All the best, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for adding my link! I'm honored to be on a list full of such great DIY map projects!

    1. thanks for being awesome! Bloggers need to promote each other!


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